8 Rustic Home Decor Ideas

Home Decor Ideas

Do you love the grounded charm of country-chic, farmhouse design? But, you don’t yearn to live in a barn? You can transform your home by introducing rustic décor so that you can continue having a modern home, but with the country charm. Take bits and pieces of both modern styles and old-school styles with a strong emphasis on the imperfect beauty of nature. 

Rustic design is at once unpretentious, sophisticated, and connected with the natural environment. Here’s how you can apply rustic decorating in your home. 

1. Stick to neutral colors 

When you’re trying to transform your home and give it a rustic feel, you need to stick to neutral, earthy colors. The Spruce lists out gray, black, white, beige, ivory, and taupe as neutral colors that are used in the context of interior design. Also, beige can have undertones of gray, gold, tan, or pink. 

Since the colors are subdued and nature-oriented, you can add a little bit of dash of color in the form of green houseplants. In case you are anxious about caring for fresh plants and flowers, you can opt for colorful dried flowers that can not only add a bit of color but also fragrance. 

What’s more, you don’t have to take care of them or maintain them since they’re already frozen in time. Place them throughout the house so that it cuts the neutral color and makes your home appear cozy and rustic. 

2. Entryway design inspired by the country-cottage style 

Wreaths are not just meant for Christmas or special occasions. You can hang a wreath made of dried flowers outside of your door so that it gives out a country-cottage vibe. You can even paint your door to resemble the color of the wood so that it seems like your home is modern, but with rustic charms. 

You can make the dried flower wreath using vibrant, colorful flowers of your choice or it can be made with a combination of dried flowers and dried grasses. 

3. Go completely wild with wood paneling 

Wood is one of those materials that will transport you to the countryside. So, you can go crazy with wood paneling. You can even have wooden floors and the wooden panels can be used throughout your house. It will lend a rustic charm to your overall house. To create warmth, you can use a plush carpet and luxe armchairs. 

If you want a similar effect, try mimicking the style and design of the wooden panels throughout the design of your other furniture and accessories. The monotony can be cut by the use of greenery or by getting throws and pillows in different colors or patterns. 

4. Shabby, yet chic flower trough centerpiece 

Your dining table can have a countryside feeling if you get a long dining table with benches and place a flower trough as a centerpiece on the table. Instead of fresh flowers, you can place potpourri in the trough. 

Potpourri is a mixture of dried flowers that are not just long-lasting but smell amazing. It is created with a combination of fragrant oils and flowers. It will give your dining table an extremely rustic feel and if you hang a few dried leaves of grass all around, you would feel like you are dining in the middle of nature. Either place some bright white lights or you can light candles for creating a romantic atmosphere. 

5. A birdhouse assemblage 

Use a birdhouse as a statement piece in your entryway or living room. The birdhouse can be decorated with dried flowers, candles, grasses, and so on. You can even wooden birds to give it a real charm. It can be kept on the mantelpiece or you can hang it over the door. It can even be hung near the window to invite birds to take a look inside. 

6. Industrial stacking crates side table 

While the glass coffee table or side table looks great, you want a rustic charm and for that, you can opt for the industrial stacking crates side table concept. You need to get wooden crates and stack them on top of each other to get your desired height. 

Also, the crates can be used to store books, magazines, and so on. Place it on the side of the sofa and place a reading lamp or place few flowers on the table. It can be either fresh flowers or for a long-lasting effect, place dried flowers. 

7. Ladder toiletry organizing baskets in the bathroom 

Don’t forget about your bathroom when you’re giving your home a rustic makeover. You can be creative and rustic by getting a ladder, putting a fresh coat of pain, and placing toiletry baskets. This will keep your baskets organized and take up a lot less space in your bathroom. Also, remember to opt for rustic paint which looks a bit unpolished. The colors ought to be neutral and the monotony of the color can always be cut by the use of colorful bathroom accessories or green plants. 

8. Hang dried flowers or decorative balls 

Bring nature home by hanging dried flowers or beautiful decorative balls from the ceiling. So, every time you look up, you would feel that you are in the middle of the woods. You can also place fairy lights to convert the entire atmosphere into a romantic one. This can be done in your living room or if you have a patio or outdoor space, it can be put up there. This can become your designated spot to host friends or family, or to have a romantic evening with your partner. 

These rustic home décor ideas should get your creative juices flowing. As you explore and go about sprucing your home, make sure to experiment and add your personal touch.

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