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Lata & Vine

Lata is an Indian term that basically means “vine plant”. The name has been derived from the beauty of these vine plants that dot the Indian landscape . In modern times, we have the opportunity of bringing home these creepers so as to impart a more suitable ambiance for your residence. Showcased in our array of products are variants of Lata Ball, Lata Star, Lata Roller, Lata Lamp, and Lata Heart.
Vine plants are found all over the world but the Indian species are truly exotic as they come with an assorted mix of colorful flowers that make them suitable for use in a large variety of settings.
The best way to use lata and vine flowers is to combine them with bamboo sticks that will provide a strong support system. This is necessary because by nature latas are creepers and are generally found in a horizontal position in a natural setting.
However, they have the natural instinct to climb on to any nearby object. Hence, keeping them coiled around supporting structures like bamboo makes it look like it has already reached its natural setting. Use the enthralling appeal of these vine plants to add some pizzazz to your rooms. Fashion them in whatever way you like as per your mood and occasion. Lata and vine come in a large variety of product mixes giving you ample scope to choose the one that just fits into your requirements.
So what are you waiting for? Make this botanical wonder a part of your beloved abode and achieve excellence in providing the best hospitality to your distinguished guests. This will help you an element of charm and will attract the attention of all your visitors.
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