Sola Wood Flowers – what they are and why they’re amazing

How to use Sola Wood Flowers

Flowers have always been an indispensable and highly valued component of design and decoration. They are loved for the variety of colors they come in, their pleasing and soothing fragrances as well as how they can be used to make just about anything look more attractive and appealing. 

However, the only downside of flowers is that they have a very limited lifespan. Beautiful as they may be to look at, they wilt and brown before you know it. Needless to say, they will soon need to be thrown away, after having served a rather temporary purpose.

Sola wood flowers come to the rescue! Sola wood flowers are a sustainable and practical alternative to freshly cut real flowers. These flowers are becoming increasingly popular nowadays due to their ability to be used for a long time. They are sturdy and durable, while still delivering on beauty and esthetic appeal. Not to mention the fact that they are environmentally friendly as well!

In other words, you can count on sola wood flowers to do the job that fresh flowers would! 

But it is quite likely you’re wondering, what are sola wood flowers anyway?

Sola wood flowers (also known as shola) are indeed, as the name would suggest, made out of wood!

These flowers are made from the wood of the sola plant, the scientific name for which is Aeschynomene aspera. This is a plant which grows in marshy areas. The wood of this plant is one of the lightest woods in the world. It grows very quickly, making it a renewable and sustainable raw material for floral designs. 

Sola wood flowers have the natural advantage of looking exactly like real flowers, and they are the next big thing in the field of floristry as well as interior decoration. They are immensely popular for use in weddings, and are also well liked among crafters. These flowers are made from natural sources (wood, after all!), and therefore they are biodegradable, making them a sustainable alternative to fresh flowers.They grow quickly, which means they are renewable and thus cost-effective too.

The list of uses for sola wood flowers is virtually endless! Some of the more popular applications of sola wood flowers and sola balls are in bridal bouquets, do-it-yourself arts and crafts, home and office decorations, floral arrangements, floral crowns, wreaths, wall decorations, jewellery, holiday ornaments, baby carriages and many others!

Due to sola wood flowers being completely organic and all-natural, they are gaining popularity in a wide variety of uses. What makes these flowers truly stand out is that they can be dyed to match the color scheme, theme or suit the hues of the space it will be used to decorate. Sola wood can be shaped or sculpted and be made to look like pretty much any kind of flower conceivable. What is more, these flowers will last for a long, long time as well! 

Now that we’ve become familiar with what sola wood flowers are and what they are like, let us take a look at the various benefits of using these flowers for your various needs.

  1. Variety of colors

When it comes to the colors you can choose from, the possibilities are endless! You can have your sola wood flower dyed in any hues you want. Another advantage of using these flowers is that you can even select color shades that are not seen in nature.

  1. Available all year round

Do you want your sola wood flowers to look like roses? Would lotuses or tulips fit the occasion better? Do you think your room needs some orchids to go with the existing color scheme? No problem! You can have your flowers crafted into any style you like as sola wood is available throughout the year, so you don’t need to wait for a particular season to have a specific flower. You also won’t need to worry about paying hefty prices for off-season flowers either!

  1. Guaranteed to not wilt or fade

Since these flowers are made from sola wood, you can rest assured that they will not wilt or fade. As we all know, natural flowers become dehydrated and they tend to progressively droop as time passes, not to mention the change of color. Sola wood flowers will remain sturdy and strong even on the hottest days while still retaining their color and fragrance.

  1. Long lasting

As we have already explained earlier, these flowers made out of sola wood are built to last. They are durable and will stand the test of time. Sola wood is versatile and is composed of materials that make them firm but not too hard, and yet not brittle either. These flowers are also not going to rot, making them an excellent choice for all kinds of decorations.

  1. Can be reused or resold

Sola wood flowers, being sturdy and durable, can be reused for a different occasion or repurposed for a different use case scenario. You could even resell them to other people who would find just as much value in them as you did!

  1. Environmentally friendly

Sola wood flowers, as we have discussed above, are made entirely out of wood, which is a naturally available material. Sola wood is available throughout the year and it takes little time to grow, making it a very eco-friendly and sustainable choice.

  1. Customized scents can be added

Arguably one of the most well liked advantages of sola wood flowers is that you can add a scent of your choice to make your bouquet or floral decoration have a more realistic feel. 

  1. One stop solution for floral design

Nowadays, there are talented artists who specialize in creating sola wood flower designs for all requirements and all occasions. And that brings us to…

Global Dried Flowers – a brand that specializes in dried flowers, bouquets, potpourri, sola balls, deco balls, vase fillers, bamboo products and many other items. Established in 1994 and based in Kolkata in India’s eastern region, Global Dried Flowers caters to clientele located across the world. It is one of India’s largest exporters of dried flowers and offers you a wide range of naturally sourced floral products to choose from.

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