Reasons to send dried flowers on birthdays & anniversaries

dried flowers on birthdays & anniversaries

Birthdays and anniversaries are much-anticipated celebrations when people get to express their appreciation to their loved ones. Hosting parties and dinner dates are gifts that recipients will appreciate, but they will be particularly happy if you give them something unique. 

If you have been seeking a gift that goes beyond a box of chocolate or bouquet of roses, look no further than specialized dried flower arrangements. Fresh-cut flowers have been a popular choice for a long time, but it is time to move toward sustainability and environment-friendly options. That’s why sending dried flowers makes perfect sense. These flowers have a charm and personality of their own, and you can find them in any color of your choice. In addition to dried flowers, you can make specialized arrangements containing dried palm leaves, pampas grass, twigs, and sola flowers. 

Are you not convinced? Here are a few reasons that will compel you to see dried flowers differently and recognize their beauty. 

1. Allergy-free floral arrangements 

Many people are allergic to roses or other fresh flowers. Or, if your near and dear one has hay fever, fresh flowers are out of the question. Even though they may enjoy looking at flowers and long to bring them home, they cannot. The moment they’re near flowers, they may start to sneeze and have other allergic reactions. 

But, arrangements made of exotic dried flowers don’t have pollen, and as you know, pollen is a huge trigger for people with allergies. Dried flower arrangements allow people with allergies to enjoy the beauty of flowers. You can give them a bouquet of dried flowers to be kept in vases or any other arrangement of your choice. 

2. Dried flowers last for a long period 

Fresh-cut flowers are vibrant, and they smell amazing. They make for wonderful gifts no matter the occasion. However, once flowers are cut, they won’t last long. The maximum fresh flowers can last in a vase is seven to ten days. Many people hate to see flowers wilting and dying. 

On the other hand, dried flowers are ideal for people who have an eye for beauty. The flowers can be dyed in myriad colors of your choice, and you don’t have to think of the season when it comes to gifting dried flowers. Furthermore, with proper care, dried flowers can last for months and even years. Thus, the beauty of the floral arrangement can be enjoyed for a long period. 

3. Dried flowers and palm leaves are low maintenance 

Fresh flowers are gorgeous, but they are high maintenance. They need plant food, water, and sunlight to remain vibrant and maintain their luster for seven to ten days. If you are gifting flowers to someone who doesn’t like to maintain things, dried palm leaves and flower arrangements are the best options. Dried floral arrangements sit in their vases and require occasional dusting. They don’t need to be watered but must be kept away from places of strong wind and out of reach of children. 

While you don’t have to maintain dried flowers and grasses, they must be kept away from moisture-laden places like kitchens and bathrooms. If there’s moisture in the room, it may shorten the lifespan of the flowers and encourage mold growth. Also, recipients will need to occasionally dust the flowers to make them look their best. Finally, they must be kept away from sunlight. These are very simple maintenance instructions that you can pass on to the recipient, and they won’t have any problems following them. 

4. Dried floral arrangements can be recycled and personalized 

The beauty of dried floral arrangements lasts for years, and they can be recycled. The recipient can even personalize it to create something new. For instance, you have sent a dried flower bouquet to your loved one to celebrate their special occasion. The recipient may keep the floral arrangement in a vase for a few weeks or months. After that, the floral arrangement can be disintegrated to create something entirely new. Some of the ideas are DIY dried flower candles, wall artwork, framed dried flower petals, bespoke envelopes, bath bombs, and more. 

Besides these, you can also customize dried flowers to create unique gifts. You can get dried flowers in colors of your choice and create bespoke photo frames. You can even get resin and create a unique pendant for your loved one or keychain using dried flowers. If you want to gift home decor items, you can get sola balls and weave them using a string to hang them from the ceiling. They can be combined with dried flowers or dried fruit peels. If your loved one’s anniversary or birthday coincides with Christmas, you can give them a handmade wreath to hang at the door or in the entryway. 

When it comes to using dried flowers, your choices are unlimited. You can gift them as it is, or you can create something on your own. There’s also the option of potpourri that you can gift your loved one and make their home smell amazing. For artistic flair, you can buy a wooden box crafted elegantly and fill it with potpourri. The box can be kept in the middle of the dining table or on the mantelpiece. 

So, if there are any upcoming celebrations, think differently and try to impress your loved one with a gift that they’re never received before. Choosing dried flowers and palm leaves over fresh flowers will make your gift stand out from the rest, and it’ll be cherished for a long time. 

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