Modern bride demands: Dried flowers over fresh-cut flowers & more

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Getting ready to say ‘I do’? After everything 2020 was, starting something new must feel amazing. Congratulations!

But, do you know all the latest wedding decor trends? For starters, modern brides are ditching colorful wedding decor for neutral decorations. Mismatched bridesmaid’s dresses are the new standard, and sustainability is at the heart of everything. Brides of today are concerned with their environment and setting examples for others to follow. 

If you are confused about decorating your wedding venue, here are a few trends that you can consider. These trends have been set by modern brides and are expected to last beyond 2021. 

Ditching fresh-cut flowers for non-traditional flowers

Since time immemorial, weddings have used a lot of fresh-cut flowers for their vibrant colors and charm. While the use of fresh flowers hasn’t completely vanished, modern brides are going organic. They’re ditching the traditional route of using fresh flowers, lilies, or dahlias and choosing non-traditional flowers like dried flowers. At present, it is all about the brown bouquet

Dried flowers are used in several ways, such as bridal bouquets, placed in vases, hung from ceilings, table decor, centerpieces, etc. The reason why it’s so popular is that dried flowers last long and they’re lightweight. They don’t require maintenance, and by the time the wedding ceremony starts, the flowers won’t wilt. What’s more, you can reuse these flowers for other celebrations or use them to create DIY gifts, such as dried flower candles, photo frames, wreaths, etc. 

Opting for pantsuits instead of wedding gowns 

The white wedding gown became famous ever since Queen Victoria adorned a white bridal gown for her wedding. Bridal gowns are very much in demand even today, but if you wish to break the norm and wow your guests, go for the pantsuit bridal attire. Also, it doesn’t have to be in white! 

From celebrities to regular modern brides, people are all about making new traditions. So naturally, therefore, this is a trend worth checking out if you want your wedding to stir up a storm across social media channels. 

Environment-friendly cutlery and straws 

The aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic has left everyone a bit shaken, and everyone is trying to do their best to save the environment. Similar trends are seen in wedding decors as well. Modern brides are becoming champions of sustainability as they’re ditching luxurious silver plates and cutlery for eco-friendly options like plates made of bamboo or locally-produced cutlery. 

Overall, the wedding decor can be seen moving toward a more rustic feel than a luxury. However, if decorated correctly, you can make your wedding decoration appear luxurious and opulent even when using eco-friendly supplies. But, of course, it would depend on your vision and the expertise of your wedding decorator. 

The use of dried palm leaves 

While dried flowers have been around for quite some time now, the trend is only now picking up its pace. On the other hand, another trend that has started making a lot of noise is dried palm leaves

As you know, the pandemic has prevented a lot of couples from having their dream destination wedding. And what better than having a beach-side wedding where everyone can dip their toes in the sand and sea! 

That’s one reason why many couples are drawn toward using dried palm leaves to give a tropical touch to their wedding decor. Also, when palm leaves are dried, they take on a new personality and character. You can use it to decorate the chairs or the aisle. It can be used to create an arch or half arch where you’ll take your vows. 

The various ways to use dried palm leaves are up to you and your imagination. It can be combined with dried pampas grass and dried flowers to create a rustic, beach vibe wedding. 

Performance artists at the center of the celebrations 

Weddings have turned to become a celebration of love and the finest things in life. People are ditching speakers to play the traditional wedding song and hiring pianists, harpists, and other performing artists to entertain the guests. If you want to convert your wedding into a day to remember and somewhat a festival, you can start contacting performance artists to join in on your day of love. 

Wedding cake with dried leaves and flowers 

The wedding cake also gets a makeover. The traditional white cake is acceptable but getting a major design overhaul. Many brides and grooms are adding dried leaves and flowers to enhance the beauty of the cake. You can even decorate it with dried palm leaves. 

Wedding photo booths are a must-have 

Previously, photo booths were an option, and not everyone opted for them. Today, wedding decor is incomplete without a photo booth. A photo booth is where wedding guests take selfies and pictures of themselves. It might be a wall or a space dedicated to taking pictures. The backdrop must be gorgeous and in sync with the overall decor of the wedding. In today’s age of social media, every wedding needs a photo booth because if your wedding pictures are not on Instagram, it didn’t happen. 

Modern brides are getting demanding as ever and rebelling age-old traditions to start something new. Hopefully, the trends mentioned above will inspire you to get started on the decor of your upcoming wedding. But, no matter what you choose, remember your wedding decor must reflect your love story, personality, and style. Also, don’t leave the groom behind when deciding on the decor and other elements. 

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