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Springs & Curls

Springs and curls add a fun element to your residence with a mix of colors and floral combinations.These appeal to the senses no matter what the season, making them appropriate for a wide variety of settings.
They are also used in the form of a dried flower bouquet that can help you accentuate the look of your space. Curly Ting Ting from which this special floral arrangement takes shape is world renowned. We also use florist articles like Cane Spring, Cane Coil, Cane Cone, Coco Curly 5 Finger, Sun Palm Roll & Kambu Lazer that adds spice to an already zesty look.
This eclectic mix of Springs & Curls makes them look special and resplendent. We ensure to keep a balanced mix of colors in the dried flower bouquet that will jazz up your ambiance in style. The specialty of springs and curls is that it consists of spirally shaped curly items that give a unique look to your bouquet. The array of products showcased below makes it look extremely snazzy and adds to the glamor quotient of your room. The best thing about this arrangement is that it never loses its curls and this becomes its permanent feature..
Place this in any place that you like, in a vase and see the radiance that it brings to your room. You can also keep it in the living room where it will spread its pizzazz to all corners of your house. This will make your guests feel refreshed and rejuvenated. It will also make your house memorable in their minds.
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