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Bamboo & Sticks

Bamboo is a vital plant that is native to India and China. Indian bamboos are very durable and versatile.They are used extensively in a wide variety of situations and look attractive in dried flower arrangements.
Bamboo sticks are sturdy materials that can help keep the entire floral piece standing. They provide excellent support to dried flowers. This makes them useful in these bouquets. Bamboos also have colors that blend with the natural floral hues making them extremely suitable for use here.
We provide our bamboo and sticks of varied variety including Bamboo Reed Natural & Brown, Golden Stick Natural, Jute Stick, Wavy Stick, Tonkin, Rattan Stick, and Dula Log. Added to your flower bouquet that mix the functional with the aesthetic and give you pride of place in the eyes of your guests who pay a visit to your residence. The wooden hue of bamboo and sticks merge with the colorful floral shades to create an eclectic bouquet that leaves every beholder spellbound.
Our bamboos and sticks are sourced from all over India especially the Eastern and North-eastern parts of India. They are of an impeccable quality that makes them last longer and enables them to travel all corners of the world.
The best way of using bamboo and sticks is to combine them with appropriate flowers that make for an irresistible combination. This pattern of flower arrangement is unique to India and gives an exotic feel to your welcoming abode.
Using bamboo and sticks definitely makes your living room look classy with its trademark woody notes. This makes your room come alive with its welcoming look that brings a smile to every beholder’s face.
The best way you can make use of this bouquet is to put it on your center table and let it spread its enthralling spell over all those who enjoy a hearty conversation in a splendid setting.
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