DIY Easy Ways to Make Your Home Look & Smell Like Christmas

Easy Ways to Make Your Home Look & Smell Like Christmas

The holiday season is right around the corner, and time to bring on your A-game in creativity and decorations. Everything in your home must smell and look like Christmas, from decorated trees to bright lights and festive cookies tickling your taste buds.

Are you looking for simple homemade ideas to ring in good cheer and brighten your spirits? Let’s take a look at some of the DIY ideas that will fill your home with seasonal scents and decor that scream Christmas.

  1. Put on a festive simmer pot on your stove

This year, ditch the expensive scented candles and opt to make your home smell amazing by using items from your cooking arsenal. All you need is a free burner on your stove, a saucepan or pot, water, and aromatics like apple slices, cinnamon sticks, pine branches, citrus peels, nutmeg, ginger, or vanilla.

All you need to do is bring the cooker or pan filled with water to a simmer and fill it up with your choice of ingredients that smell nice. As the mixture heats, your home will be filled with nostalgic scents of Christmas. Your guests might never want to leave your home!

  1. Or, think of potpourri

If you don’t want to do the hard work of boiling water and getting aromatic ingredients, you can use dried flowers potpourri. Potpourri is a mixture of dried flowers, spices, and essential oils that can make your home smell amazing. You can even make your potpourri by drying fresh flowers, spices, and dried fruits if you have time. However, this is a lengthy process, and you better get started soon.

When you get potpourri, you can decorate your home in several ways. You can get a glass bowl and fill it with potpourri, and the bowl can be placed on your dining table or the mantelpiece. You can also get little pouches and fill them up with potpourri. These pouches can be placed everywhere in your house, including tiny corners, drawers, and your wardrobe. The scent of potpourri is long-lasting, and it’ll make your home smell like Christmas and more.

  1. Make DIY dried flower scented candles

Christmas without candles is an anomaly. Candles help to set a romantic environment, and they’re perfect for special occasions like Christmas. But you don’t need to spend on expensive candles this year as you can easily make them yourself.

All you need is dried flowers, wax, and a mold in shapes of your choice. It would be best if you also had wicks. The steps are as follows –

  • Melt the wax slowly to ensure it’ll cool down quickly and not damage the dried flowers
  • Next, add the dried flowers to a candle mold or transparent glass container. You can place some of the dried flowers on the bottom of the container and stick them on the sides for visual appeal. Then, you need to pour the melted wax into the container and add the cotton candlewick.
  • Then, you can add your choice of essential oils. Since the theme is Christmas, you can add peppermint or other minty scents.
  • Let the wax cool down, and you have your DIY scented candle with beautiful dried flowers.

The candle can be customized as you please. You can make multicolored scented candles or even use dried palm leaves with dried flowers. You might have to cut the palm leaves according to the size of your candles.

  1. DIY dried flower wreath

Make a Christmas wreath using dried flowers and leaves. You can get twines to put together all the dried petals and leaves. If you want, you can use dried fruits as well. The wreath can be hung on your door or the wall, and you can hang it on every chair to celebrate Christmas in style. When the holiday season is over, you can use the wreaths as wall decoration or even give them away as gifts to your friends.

  1. Create an overhanging flower decoration with sola flowers

Placing flowers in a vase or having them strewn on the floors is tried and tested. Why not do something different this Christmas? The pandemic must make you miss the outdoors as travel restrictions are still applicable on many holiday destinations. You can bring the outdoors inside your home with gorgeous overhanging decorations. For this, you can get dried flowers Christmas, dried leaves, and sola flowers. You can get sola flowers in wonderful colors to help match the Christmas theme. Some twines and twigs will help to bring the entire decoration together. You don’t have to worry about symmetry because a little imperfection will make the decoration attractive. Then, you can hang it overhead above the dining table so that everyone notices it. If you want, it can be hung overhead on the Christmas tree.

  1. Infused scented water

Many people fill jars with water and healthy fruits to stay hydrated. You can get inspired by this idea and twist it to create water infusion with herbs and spices. All you need to do is mix your favorite ingredients like cinnamon, oranges, apples, or nutmeg in a glass jar with a lid. Fill the jar with water and heat it. As you remove the lid, the amazing scent will spread through your house.

Whenever you feel the scent is diminishing, you can reheat the water, and you’ll have a long-lasting fragrance.

So, these are some of the homemade ideas to make your home look and smell like Christmas. If you have guests over, they will appreciate your use of dried flowers and dried leaves in decorating your home. Since they’re already dried, you don’t have to worry about the decorations wilting. Once the holiday season is over, you can pack the decorations and re-use them next year.

Get started on making your home ready for Christmas!


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