We Exhibit our Products at Christmas World, Frankfurt (Germany) & IHFG Delhi Fair (India)

Bouquets & Sheaf

Bouquets are the classic forms of floral adornments. These have been used from time immemorial to express happiness and joy. Even today, bouquets are used to improve the fanfare of religious festivals especially Christmas.
This is mainly because of the good cheer that they bring. However, with time bouquets wither and dry up causing disappointment. Wouldn’t it be nice if the beauty and fragrance of these flowers could be preserved for a longer period of time? This is where dried flowers come in the picture. We have displayed an array of dried flowers arranged in bouquets. Sheafs are a specialized form of dried flowers that can give an altogether different look to your house. They generally come in a bunch formation and resemble thin stalks of flowers. Putting them in your residence makes them stand apart on their own. They have a natural look so they can go with almost every type of furniture. This makes them suitable for any type of home decor. You can also buy sheafs with different colors that will give a splash of color to your home. You could also team up sheafs with colorful bouquets for making your home come alive. If you want to add a touch of fragrance as well, then you can use scented candles and potpourris for added effects.
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