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Dried Leaves

Dried leaves can be effectively used in decorating your house although this fact is not well known. The most common leaves for use are Sun Palm Leaves and Skeleton Pepal Net Leaves. Variants and colors of Cobra Leaf and Long Leaf are quite commonly used too.
Dried leaves generally cannot be used alone. They need to be used in conjunction with something else. They go especially well with Christmas trees, bouquets, and wreaths. Dried leaves can also be used with deco balls and deco sticks. This gives them a better appearance and makes them look more complete. They can also be used with deco flowers and fruits to make the house come alive. Just ensure that they are placed together in such a way that they match well with the surroundings and the rest of the home decor.
Skeleton Pepal Net Leaf is nearly transparent with fine veins being visible on its surface. These natural colors make it easy for them to blend with the surroundings. This makes them suitable for a wide variety of occasions as well.
They can also be kept as a permanent fixture in your rooms. They complement and supplement the remaining home decor in your residence. This makes them suitable for all the seasons of the year making them perennial in nature.
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