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Deco Balls

Deco Balls or decorative balls come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These balls are used to add to home decor for all occasions.Placed suitably in a large bowl kept on the center of the table, variants of Deco Balls bring in the wow factor.
Beautiful items like Lata Ball, Kambu Ball, Vizi Rope Ball, Reed Ball, Tail ball, Browny Ball, Coco Rope Ball, Palm Chain Ball, Sutli Ball, Grass Ball, and Slim Raffia Ball are the glorious items displayed in our collection of Deco Balls in a variety of colors.
You can also use these in conjunction with scented candles to add to the appeal. Deco balls look lovely when placed on a Christmas tree or even in a Nativity scene. It particularly looks good with baby Jesus figurines that make it look charming.
Deco Balls also come in ornamental designs that help you add pizzazz into your rooms. The ones with glitter can make your rooms look glamorous and elegant. You can also make a mix and match of deco balls along with other products like bouquets and wreath that will give an eclectic touch to your beloved abode.
You can even select your designs based on how they match with your furniture. This will help in giving a more balanced feel to your house.
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48-01 Lata Ball Natural White
48-02 Lata Ball Eclipes Natural
48-03 Lata Ball Natural Brown
48-04 Lata Ball Bleach
48-07 Reed Ball
48-05 Kambu Ball
48-08 Tail Ball
48-12 Palm Chain Ball
48-09 Browny Ball
48-11 Coco Rope Ball
48-12 Palm Chain Ball
48-25 Sutli Ball
48-28 Grass Ball
48-32 Slim Raffia Ball