Exhibiting Our Collection At Christmasworld 2020, Frankfurt (Germany) | January 24th-28th, 2020 | Booth No. : 12.1 C78


Sola flowers are an improvement over the sola balls. However, the concept is the same. These sola flowers are basically the soft white tissue of the sola plant. This tissue is spongy and versatile and hence, can be carved out into a number of shapes and patterns. ...

The best part of sola tissue is that it can be carved into intricate designs due to its softness and malleability. This helps you get sola flowers namely Sola Beli, Sola Ziniya, Sola Gardenia, Sola Sun Flower, Sola Bud Rose, Sola Protea, Sola Folded Daliya, Sola Rose, Sola Charki, Sola Lotus, Sola Gold and their numerous variants. You can also use them along with scented candles so that the element of fragrance can also be added to this irresistible package.

They are essentially white in color making them suitable and well matched for any room. Dyed in different hues, these flowers add the wow factor to your abode. You can also use them in conjunction with potpourris. The snow-white sola flowers will get the perfumed smells of the potpourris. This will make the entire room come alive and will provide your guests with a scintillating experience. You can also use sola flowers with scented candles for a similar effect. This will also charge up the atmosphere.