7 Awesome Benefits of Dried Flowers

Dried Rose

2020 is fast witnessing the resurgence of dried flowers across occasions like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, parties, and much more. Given factors like versatility and non-maintenance, there is no denying how fast they have risen back to the popularity level for good. Here’s a look at a handful of benefits of dried flowers. Read on to find out more.

They are Long-Lasting

Dried Flowers

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of dried flowers is their longevity. Hence, when treated commercially, it contributes towards easy and quality preservation coupled with the best coloring. In essence, dried flowers are preceded by their reputation of being highly durable and also rendering towards one hundred percent natural product. In other words, it imparts a new and authentic identity to people. On average, dried flowers can last from a year to up to ten years and beyond for certain kinds. In comparison, fresh blooms would wither away in 5-6 days. Hence, if you are looking to create a stellar bouquet and a long-lasting arrangement, it’s always advised to include as much as dried flowers beside other fresh blooms to keep it as a keep safe that ushers good memories of life’s special events.

They Do not Require Watering, at All

Dried Flower

If you are one out of many who love flowers but have no or less patience to water and take care of plants, dried flowers would be the best option for you. As the name suggests, dried flowers are, in fact, dry, and hence they would never require watering or any additional treatment to keep its shape or size intact.

A Perfect Pick to Deck up Any Event

While looking to deck up an event, choosing fresh blooms is usually the common option. However, the primary issue while choosing to decorate with fresh blooms is that one will have to start the decorations on the same day itself owing to the vulnerable nature of fresh flowers, once plucked or cut. They look good for a while but soon dry and wither away, unlike dried flowers, which have already been through the drying process and hence retain their natural look no matter which day you choose to use them. So, while decorating an event, you can plan a few days earlier and deck up the area using dried flowers and choose to include fresh flowers a few hours before the event kicks.

They Come in a Wide Variety of Shape and Sizes

Similar to fresh blooms, dried flowers are too available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. One can choose from a resplendent range that includes the likes of Springs & Curls, Lata & Vines, Dry Roses, Dried Leaves, Pot Pourries or Deco Balls, and others. With an ethical supply chain in place, one can procure the best prepared dried flowers for one and all kinds of requirements.

An Omni-Seasonal Choice

Dried flowers often pass through an effective dying process, which in turn helps to produce seasonal and trendy colored items. Dried flowers are a unique item of choice for any particular flower that blossoms during a specific season. For instance, when you shop for Christmas decor, one can choose from offerings like Curly Ting Ting Gold, Lotus Pod Gold & Whitewash, Lata Ball Gold as well as variants of Blue Pine Gold which adds glitz and glamour to any living space. While looking to decorate a Christmas tree, one can always choose to complement the look by adding stuff like wreaths and pine cones.

Cooking and Cleaning Needs

Cooking with Dried Lily

Several dried flowers are edible and form a part of delicious desserts and cakes, as well as some wonderfully flavored teas. One can also make use of dried flowers to make their own tea blends. Also, dried flowers serve as a great addition to otherwise regular cleaning products. Additionally, they also partner seamlessly with mints and citrusy scents as well.

Candle Making

Candle making with Dried Flower

Love making candles at home? You can easily make use of dried flowers as a part of your mold. However, even if you are not into making candles, you can add dried flowers on the outer side of the candles. All you need to do is to put some crushed dried flowers on top of a wax paper. Next, you need to pour a little bit of melted wax over the flowers and then roll the candle up. The next time someone lights these candles, it will emit a beautiful, lingering scent for quite some time.

Wrap Up

Myriad textures and subtle colors are what make dried flowers an indoor decor item. However, besides keeping them arranged as an added accessory to a beautiful bouquet, there are several ways in which one can use them effectively.

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