7 Dried Flower Décor Ideas to Ready Your Home for Any Occasion

7 Dried Flower Decor Ideas

Fresh, vibrant flowers are surely stunning and can truly transform your home. But, they need proper upkeep so that they can look their best and they don’t last long. Before you know it, you’ll find the flowers wilting away. 

That is not the case with dried flowers. Dried flowers are already frozen in time and can be designed in myriad creative ways to bring fragrance and beauty to your home for years. For instance, if you are looking for ideas to deck up your home for the holiday season, you can use dried flowers to make Christmas ornaments. These ornaments will stay for years before you decide to decorate your tree with something new and fun. 

Irrespective of whether you are gearing up for Christmas or simply want to keep transforming the way your home looks, here are some amazing dried flowers décor ideas that will inspire you. 

  • Gorgeous flower wreaths made of dried flowers 

Wreaths are quintessential Christmas things. If you want to spruce your house with Christmas dried flowers, one of the best ways to do that is by hanging wreaths on your door. But, luckily, wreaths aren’t only for Christmas and you can keep them hanging on your door throughout the year. It can give your home rustic vibes. 

Regardless of the season, dried flower wreaths look amazing. You can use dried roses or lavender for colorful and bright springtime wreaths or sunflowers and strawflowers for moody autumn wreaths. 

What’s more, you can reuse the wreaths. These wreaths can even make for great wedding décor or maybe a birthday décor if you are going for the whole rustic, countryside theme. 

1. Dried flower garlands 

Garlands made of dried flowers are perfect for draping over your mantelpiece, banister, or mirrors. You can also place garlands over your table. Smaller-sized garlands can be used as a statement piece in your living room or dining room. These garlands showcase beautiful textures and wonderful colors. 

The garlands made of dried flowers are very light and can be easily moved wherever you want. The garlands can even be repurposed for your wedding or to add oomph to any occasion. It can adorn your garden for years to come. 

It can be used as the centerpiece for the holiday season and you can place the garland on top of the Christmas tree to give it a unique appeal. You can either choose to make your own garland made of dried flowers or you can get them customized. 

2. Dried flower candles 

Candles are not only a Christmas staple, but you can use them whenever you wish to create a romantic atmosphere. For instance, light candles to enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner in your home. Invite your friends or just enjoy it with your partner. 

No matter what the occasion, candles can add a special touch to your home. You can enhance the beauty of the candles by using dried flower candles. These look stunning and can transform the setting of the table or wherever you decide to place the candles. 

The dried flower petals are beautifully incorporated into the candles and help to give a burst of lovely colors. It would even look great as a centerpiece for your coffee table or reading table. 

Along with making your home look incredible, dried flower candles also make for impressive gifts and they can even be used for weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions. 

3. Dried flower Christmas ornaments 

If you wish to move away from using plastic and want Christmas ornaments that will last you for years, you can use dried flowers for Christmas. Dried flowers can be used to make amazing Christmas tree ornaments and they add a touch of color to the tree. Also, these decorations can be used around the house once the Christmas season is over. The decorations can be hung around your doors, mirrors or you can tape the decorations on your wall. You can even give them away as gifts. 

4. Framed dried flowers 

Pressed and dried flowers look stunningly beautiful when put in a frame and displayed in your home. You’re sure to get praises from whoever comes to your home. These pieces look extremely unique pieces of art and look gorgeous. The framed art can be anything out of your imagination and these framed dried flowers can even be given away as gifts to your family and friends. 

Framing dried flowers are quite an easy and simple activity. You can glue the flowers to a piece of paper before framing them or you can straight away put them in a frame. No matter what you do, the flowers are going to look amazing. 

5. Hang dried flowers around the house 

If you love placing flowers around your home, this idea will resonate with you greatly. You can take colorful dried flowers of your choice and place them into small bunches. Then you can tape them around your house artistically or you can choose a particular room to place these flowers. Also, you could dedicate a wall in your living room to hanging these flowers so that the wall appears to be like a piece of art. Whoever comes to your home and sees the wall is surely going to be in awe of it. 

6. Dried flowers in a vase 

Fresh flowers definitely look amazing in a vase, but their upkeep and shorter lifespan make dried flowers a better option. Dried flowers appear to be simple and they look amazing when displayed in a glass vase or decorative vase. 

The dried flower arrangement can be as elaborative or as simple as you wish. The choice is down to your personal preferences. If you want a large display of dried flowers, you can make use of dried pampas grass together with colorful, smaller dried flowers so that it gives a rustic and wild appearance.

No matter the occasion or season, dried flowers can make your home appear aesthetically appealing, warm, and cozy. Try decorating your home using dried flowers and see the difference.

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