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Common questions for dried flowers

From weddings and anniversaries to birthday celebrations and interior decoration, the dried flower trend is growing by leaps and bounds. At this point, it is unstoppable, and you shouldn’t be surprised to see dried flowers at local events or family get-togethers. You may even receive gifts made of dried flowers like scented candles, bath soaps, bombs, wreaths, framed dried flowers, etc.

The popularity of dried flowers as an alternative to fresh blooms is not difficult to understand. After all, a customized bouquet of dried flowers lasts for years without water, sunlight, and maintenance. Fresh flowers, on the other hand, last only a week. A dried flower arrangement perfectly captures the beauty of fresh blooms and preserves them. Such arrangements may feature pampas, roses, tulips, sunflowers, eucalyptus, and other flowers and leaves.

If you have not yet joined the dried flower trend and wonder what the hype is about, here are the answers to the commonly asked questions. Hopefully, you’ll be compelled to check out dried flower decorations like bouquets, dried fruits, deco balls, and more.

What are dried flowers?

Exotic dried flowers result from numerous processes, such as the pressing technique that dries the flower and makes them last longer without diminishing its natural beauty. You may argue that dried flowers don’t look like the original, but the drying technique results in a rustic and gorgeous flower charm.

The dried flowers are used as wreaths, bouquets, hats, and decorative items in windows and walls.

What are the techniques of drying flowers?

The three popular and commonly used techniques of drying flowers are:

  • Pressing: It is a quick and easy fix, and the technique is perfect for flowers with flat faces like petunias, violas, and daisies. In this method, the flowers are pressed between two sheets and weighed down using a heavy object. They have to be left to dry for two to four weeks.
  • Hanging or air-drying: It is one of the simplest of methods, and many DIYers use this method to dry flowers and leaves at home. The leaves must be removed to prepare the flowers for drying, and you can dry the leaves separately. A wire is used to tie the stems, and the flower bunch is hung upside down in a dry, warm and dark area. Air-drying is a time-consuming process, and the time depends on the flower type.
  • Using a dehydrator: Dehydrators are used for drying flowers, and you can even get dried palm leaves using this method. By using this appliance, the shape, form, and color of the flowers are retained. Even their scent can be retained. When using this appliance, the flowers are spread out in a layer, and stems and petals are not allowed to overlap. The machine is preheated to 100 degrees F if the leaves and petals are thin, and if they are thick, the temperature must be 110 degrees F. The scent of the flowers is intensified by adding additional essential oil. For the flowers to dry out completely, it may take up to four hours.

How long do dried flowers last?

Dried flowers don’t need a lot of care and attention. But if you maintain a routine of cleaning the flowers and keeping them away from strong winds and the reach of children, they can last for up to three years. These flowers don’t lose their beauty like fresh flowers.

What are the different uses of dried flowers?

Dried flowers can be used in numerous ways. Some of the popular ones are wedding bouquets, flower arrangements for homes, potpourri, Christmas wreaths, bath products, and so on. Many people are making DIY candles using dried flowers and framing dried flowers as wall decoration.

Potpourri is a popular use of dried flowers where all the petals and leaves are mixed with spices and essential oils. It looks amazing and smells even better. It can be kept in cars as a car freshener or inside drawers and your closet. Wherever they’re kept, they’ll spread their beautiful fragrance.

Even wedding bouquets made of dried flowers and sola wood flowers are trending at the moment. These bouquets are colorful, lightweight, and don’t need water or sunlight to look their best. So, you are free to use these flowers as you wish.

What are sola wood flowers, and are they the same as dried flowers?

Along with dried flowers, sola wood flowers are trending as well. They’re not real flowers freshly picked from the garden but made from a marshy plant. By definition, they are different from dried flowers because they are made from freshly cut flowers, and however, they belong to the same category. Sola wood flowers are meticulously crafted to resemble flowers, and they can be dyed in any color of your choice.

Do dried flower bouquets or decorations need special care?

Dried flower bouquets and decorations look amazing with little to no maintenance. You don’t need to water them, but you have to keep them away from direct sunlight. Also, keep them away from children who might spoil the flower arrangement.

Are dried flowers reusable?

Yes, dried flowers are fully reusable, and you can repurpose them in any way you want. Since these flowers are already dried, you don’t have to worry about the flowers wilting and dying. They don’t need water or sunlight and can stay indoors looking as pretty as the first day you brought the flower arrangement home.

You can repurpose your dried flower bouquet by making candles or cutting them into little pieces and using them as decorative bowl fillers. Add a few drops of essential oils, and it’ll make any room smell fresh.

Do the colors of the dried flowers fade?

If you keep them away from direct sunlight, the color might not fade. However, if you’ve had the flowers for years and notice any color changes, you can dye them.

Equipped with all the information regarding dried flowers, you should be ready to make your decision.

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