Why You Will Fall in Love with Dried Flowers?

Dried Flowers

Dried flowers might be a less fragrant and colorful version of their former self, but when flowers dry, their structure and form are dramatically transformed. It is this transition that makes dried flowers appear somewhat bewitching according to leading decoupage artist, John Derian.

Even though dried flowers have not always been the first thing on people’s minds when they think of home decoration, weddings, or wanting to cheer someone up, the notion is quickly changing.

Dried flower displays or bouquets made of sola wood flowers are quickly becoming the go-to choice because of their long shelf life and ease of maintenance. Fresh flowers are still liked and appreciated, but people hate the fact that fresh flowers don’t last long. Nothing can be done to extend their beauty in the vase.

Here, take a look at the fabulous reasons why dried flowers are stealing hearts and you’ll fall in love with them too.

They last a long time 

Fresh flowers are great to look at and smell, but they begin to wilt fast. And there’s nothing you can do!

On the other hand, dried flowers are long-lasting. If you take care of them by keeping them away from humidity and direct sunlight, they might even last for several years.

Those days are gone when your only option was to get fresh flowers and place them in a vase, only for them to be deflated and sad within a week. Dried flowers are a game-changer and they can be customized according to your preferred flower arrangement. They can be used for home décor, weddings, styling and so much more.

Dried flowers need little to no maintenance 

Taking care of dried flowers simply means positioning them away from strong winds, direct sunlight, and water. This means that you don’t have to feel guilty about forgetting to water them. They survive without water and you will not find them withering away.

Dried flowers don’t need soil, fertilizer, and watering. You can place them in opaque containers, bowls, or other decorative pieces.

Awesome versatility and combinations 

There are myriad combinations and types of dried flowers. Also, the ways that you can use them are endless. Some of the popular arrangements include creating a wreathe, bouquets, glass domes, and so on. You can use them as home decoration, wedding flower décor, statement piece in the living room, hang them outside your door or get sola balls and use it as Christmas tree ornaments.

If you want, the dried flower displays can be personalized to cater to your specific needs and aesthetics.

You can also let loose your creative sides and engage in so many DIY projects with dried flowers. You can create gorgeous petal confetti, pressing and framing, hanging them around the house, or making a phone case.

To be honest, how you use dried flowers depends on your imagination and the possibilities are endless.

Dried flowers make for aesthetic gifts 

Running out of gift ideas? You can surprise your loved ones by gifting them dried flowers in unique and stunning displays and arrangements. This is a gift that is going to stick around for a long time and make the receiver think about you.

When it comes to gifting, you can choose the standard dried flower bouquet. You can also get creative and use dried flowers to make frames, coasters or press them into personal letters and journals. You can also add it to gift wrapping.

They are available throughout the year 

Fresh flowers are seasonal. For instance, roses and pansies are found during winter, and in summer, you’ll find marigolds and sunflowers in abundance. It is an unspoken rule in the flower industry that seasonable flowers are affordable. But, when it comes to dried flowers, you don’t have to worry about the season.

Dried flowers are found in all seasons and you can find your favorite flowers that have been dried and arranged into beautiful combinations and displays.

Dried flowers offer great value for money 

Imagine that you’re about to get married and have used most of your budget on the venue, wedding dress, food, and other necessities. In such a case, purchasing fresh flowers for your wedding might burn a hole in your pocket. What can you do?

You can consider using dried flowers for your wedding, especially sola wood flowers make for excellent wedding bouquets. The flowers are lightweight which means that you’ll not have any trouble holding the bouquet and walking down the aisle while wearing a heavy wedding gown. It’ll also be easier to throw the bouquet.

Furthermore, you can use dried flowers throughout your wedding venue as decoration and table centerpiece. If you are hosting the wedding reception the next day, the same dried flowers can be used there as well. This wouldn’t be a possibility with fresh flowers as they will start to wither away within a few hours.

In addition to weddings, dried flowers make for great home decoration and can be used to decorate any celebration including birthdays, graduation parties, or dinner parties.

The arrangement of dried flowers can be repurposed easily 

Bored of seeing the same flower arrangement? You can easily change the arrangement by repurposing or rearranging the flowers. If you want, you can add or subtract a few types of grass and flowers over time.

The style of the dried flower arrangement can evolve if the style of the room evolves. The long-lasting ability of dried flowers guarantees that they can match with any season or whatever situation you find yourself in.

Wrapping up

Falling in love with dried flowers is easy. Once you see the benefits for yourself and the lovely, whimsical aesthetics that it offers, you will start using them ubiquitously around the house or for celebrations. It is surely going to take center place in your home’s décor because of the myriad ways that it can be used.

You can hang dried flowers from the ceilings, place them around your door as a wreathe or press them inside a frame. Get creative and join in the fun.

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