Exhibiting Our Collection At Christmasworld 2020, Frankfurt (Germany) | January 24th-28th, 2020 | Booth No. : 12.1 C78

Wholesale SOLA BallS

Sola balls are made from the sola plant. This plant is white in color and has soft, spongy tissue in its stem. This tissue is then removed from the plant and the natural glue present in this plant is used to bind the different parts of the sola ball together. ...

Sola ball is very versatile as it can be carved and cut in a variety of ways. Exhibited in our catalog are Sola Crape Ball, Sola Chips Ball, Sola Cabbage Ball, Sola Rope Ball, Sola Ata Ball, Sola Tip Ball, Sola Log Ball, Sola Stripe Ball, Sola Gardenia Ball, and their variants. There are a variety of options from which you can choose to get the combination of your choice.

The best part of sola balls is that they are white in color. This makes them blend in with any color. These can be dyed in any color to give you the desired look. So whatever be the color of your wall or decor, rest assured that sola balls will go well with all of them. You can keep them in a bowl in the middle of the center table or the dining room that will enhance the look.

Sola balls also go well with cane and wood furniture so placing them among your furniture pieces gives a delightful look. You can also keep them along with scented candles so that you can mix the beauty of these sola balls with the sweet fragrance of the candles. They can also be used for Christmas as their soothing appearance makes them perfect for adorning Nativity scenes.