How to Keep Your Valentine’s Day Flowers Fresh

how to keep flowers fresh

Flowers are a common element of gifting for Valentine’s Day and hands down, they have always been in vogue continuing to impress one and all hearts. Nevertheless, the charm and beauty of the fresh blooms are bound to come to a stall as it starts to wither away. While some flowers are genetically predisposed (take carnations, baby’s breath, chrysanthemums and zinnias for instance), and lasts longer than others, there’s quite a bit that you can do to make the blooms stay longer. Not to ignore factors like when the flowers were cut before one received them and further how long have the florist been holding on to them under what temperature. Also, many don’t get a chance to put the flowers in water immediately upon receiving. According to floral experts, a lot of flowers survive for at least up to 10 days without any special maintenance. However, with a few other pro tips, one can do real good to preserve the flowers received for Valentine’s Day a tad longer. Read on to find out how.


Checking the Flowers for Freshness

how to keep flowers fresh

If you choose to buy the flowers yourself, ensure that they are fresh. If you are going with roses, start squeezing it at the position where the stem meets the petals. If you get a firm feeling, they are ought to be fresh. However, if they are soft and prone to breakage, it is evident have been shifting places for a long time and hence they aren’t recommended for buying. Additionally, also look for the cut stems which should appear clean compared to the ones that look gunky having spent quite some time immersed in water. It’s true that the cooler environs you put in the cut flowers, the longer they survive. Florists often keep flowers refrigerated at about 30-35 degrees and 50-55 degrees for a few ones like bird-of-paradise and anthurium and a couple of other orchids. After you buy the flowers or receive it from someone, always choose to keep them in a vase filled with water and away from sunlight and other sources emitting heat like microwaves, ovens or fireplaces.

Trim Away the Stems

why do you cut flower stems

Stems of flowers when placed in water generally become clogged at the ends, thus blocking absorption. Hence, it is always recommended that you trim the ends when you bring the flowers home and each day afterwards. Also, never use scissors to do but a sharp knife used at just about 45-degree angle to help push the water intake.

Remove Dead Petals If Any

rose guard petals removal

Dead petals are generally toxic for the other surviving flowers and hence should be removed at once to help prevent the bacteria affecting the whole bunch. Also, make way clearing out the extra foliage which might put block the way for the flowers to receive the necessary nutrients. Foliage when present for too long absorbs all the nutrients before it can reach the flowers. Also, removing the foliage and the leaves from the water will ensure a cleaner habitat for the flowers to stay fresh for just a little longer.


 Replace the Water

how often to change water for flowers

You probably know this already and is quite a bit of basic rule to replace the water in the vase, in a span of two to three days at least. The rule of the thumb is to clear the water from the vase when it achieves a muddy or cloudy appearance. Freshly cut flowers are known to absorb water real fast. Hence, one should always ensure to keep the vase filled with an adequate amount of water. In case you are using a water softener, it’s probably a good call to use distilled or demineralised water to put your cut flowers, since softened water is a strong carrier of sodium which is otherwise harmful to flowers.

Try Flower Foods

flower food

To keep your Valentine’s Day flowers stay fresh and healthy, experts opine investing flower foods. Buy a pack from a local flower shop and add it to the water each time you choose to replace it. The flower foods help provide nutrients to freshly cut flowers and help them survive longer.

Give Dried Flowers a Chance

dried flowers

While fresh blooms are always good, dried flowers too have come a long way to be identified as a great option for gifting. It’s rustic, all the way unique and doesn’t require too much of maintenance and survive for over years. Choose from a wide range of bowl fillers, potpourris, deco sticks, springs and curls to name a few.

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