7 Ways to Save Money on Buying Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Flowers

It’s officially that time of the year when you can’t afford to miss thinking about Valentine’s Day gifts. Undoubtedly, one of the top marked holiday lists for florists, more than 30 percent of shoppers are predicted to buy flowers for FEB 14th. According to Statista, love birds reportedly spent a record amount of $2.3 billion on the big day of love. So, if flowers are on your gift list ideas, know that those blooms won’t come cheap. Plus, retailers, too, would like to inflate the prices courtesy the excuse of the week of love. (Or whatever may be the reason). Fret not, here’s how you can still save money on buying flowers this Valentine’s day.

Order Your Bouquet from A Wholesaler

Flower bouquet

Want to get your bang for the back? Skip for promotional deals and choose to pre-order 50 stems of red and white roses, which would also include the handling as well as the shipping fees. One can also pick a date for delivery and add a customized message as well. The flowers as such might not include a vase, but the price you pay in comparison to arranging a vase and flowers combined from a local florist would be way lower and hence a win-win scenario!

Why Stick To Roses Alone

purple hydrangea bouquet

With more than 250 million roses being grown and sold primarily for such occasions, there is no denying roses rule Valentine’s Day. In other words, they are immensely popular, which also means its price point is higher compared to other flowers. Roses are typically sold double their regular price on Valentine’s week. An excellent way to steer clear of the high price tag is to go with another arrangement barring roses and maybe ousting it for peonies, sunflowers, or hydrangeas, which could cut you a good deal without putting your romantic gesture at jeopardy.

Give Local Grocery Stores a Chance

grocery store flowers

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, even local grocery shops are ready with pre-set bouquets to up your game of romantic gestures. The best part being the price that can give the local florists a run for their money. Additionally, one doesn’t need to upgrade their selection or add any additional items. The delivery is free as well.

Why Not Deliver the Flowers Yourself

when a man buys flowers for a woman

If one chooses to buy flowers for Valentine’s Day, you might as well deliver them personally. Not only it elevates your romantic gesture but also saves you from paying a total stranger a delivery fee, which is pretty high during such special days. In case your intended recipient stays out of the town, you might as well ask any relative or a friend to do your favor by delivering the flowers on your behalf.

Have You Considered Dry Flowers Yet?

natural dried flowers

While fresh blooms are usually the first preference for the majority of us, dried flowers can be a great choice for flowers to be sent to someone who leaves far away from you. Since one is considering spending quite a bit on flowers for Valentine’s Day, you might as well consider investing to buy dried flowers. Compared to traditional fresh blooms, dried flowers are a unique choice and bring about a rustic charm. Also, dried flowers are prone to drying (as they already are) and hence won’t wither away. Also, dried flowers can be kept in your home for over the years and require very little to almost no maintenance.

Never Go For Add ons

Never Go For Add ons

Every single retailer who sells stuff for Valentine’s Day will have one or two tricks up their sleeve to lure you towards spending more. Add ons are a great way to do so, and it’s always a wise call to say no to them. Things like balloons, teddy bears, and chocolates are generally offered beside flowers, whether you choose to buy online or from a brick and mortar store. In case you find any of the items from the add on offer to be a good pairing, it would be a good idea to buy it separately and save some cash in the process.

Don’t Be a Late Lateef

Contrary to what people say that all good things come to those who wait, Valentine’s Day is one such occasion that should be made an exception. Especially, when you are looking to save money and buy flowers to be delivered on the right day and right time. With an ever-increasing demand for flowers right from the onset of Valentine’s week, online retailers start charging hefty for flowers, and as the day approaches, the price keeps shooting up. So, it’s always a good call to plan and book a florist to have the flowers delivered or picked up at a pre-decided price. Pay him a little advance to ensure that he doesn’t back off from his word on Valentines’ day. Get an advance payment receipt to keep things documented for good!

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