Dried Flowers are Back and this Time for Good

Dried flowers are back and this time for good

Dried flowers – they share a love and hate relationship with most people who have used at least once in a while in their life. For the very first time, dried flowers popped their head back in the 90’s but as time progressed, dried flowers made a great comeback as a perfect alternative to fresh blooms for a range of occasions that include weddings, anniversaries, birthday, Christmas celebrations and just about any event that you can think of. Reportedly, interior designing experts have witnessed an overwhelming response for dried flowers for several creations geared for a wedding to the likes of bouquets, buttonholes, venue flowers, crowns, wreaths and much more. Besides, the designers also received commissions to install dried flower installations for local businesses as well which really worked towards transforming the space.

In a move to be more aware of using eco-friendly products for decoration needs m the society is at the forefront of discussion in reflecting the essence of interior decor that excels both in the resource as well as implementation. With organic colours and beiges and lines usage gaining a paramount amount of popularity, dried flowers have coined a niche for themselves to fir into the gamut of aesthetics for good. It’s only obvious because people these days are looking for natural products that are made of simple stuff and are also natural. Hence, dried flowers have an added advantage compared to fresh blooms as they have a ready connection with our homes as well as our lives. Florists are also of the opinion that there has been an increased popularity of dried flowers owing to the fact that they survive a lot more compared to fresh flowers, almost more than 3-4 years with proper care and maintenance. Furthermore, they are a cost-effective solution than having to invest in buying a fresh bunch of flowers every single week.

Now, while we talk about style and decor thee happens to be a thin line of difference between what’s trendy and what’s generic. Dried flowers seem to sit right on the border. In fact, dried flowers can be decked up as fresh blooms being dried and preserved for a few days. The key, however, is to working with sparse florals and not the usual dead roses kinda thing. Expert inner decor specialists suggest working with a wide range of textures and colours in order to impart a look that’s contemporary and classy in equal measures. While a large part of arrangement usually goes in vases, a simple-to-do arrangement in a pot with a couple of branches hanging out from it can really add a different touch to the whole setting of a living room environ. You might as well choose to use dried flowers in a tall vase as well. A good arrangement option is a potpourri which delivers a great impact. However, there’s no denying on the part that every single flower arrangement has its own moment and will pass on in its own time. Say, for now, you want to check how a potpourri decor would look in the home and that you might want to spray a little bit to help it stay intact and far from shedding. There is no hard and fast rule that says that one has to stick to using dried flowers only. In fact, when looking to bring in a good vibe in an around the living spaces, you might as well strike a combination of both fresh and dried florals for maximum impact. In essence, it will be the shortcoming of variety and the contrasting tones that will work towards your advantage and give the place a different feel altogether.

Some of the top choices for dried flowers include the following:

  • Hydrangea
  • Roses
  • Proteas
  • Eucalyptus

There are several ways how one can dry flowers; the most common being hanging them upside down. The process works for the most robust types of flowers. However, it’s wise to ensure that before you get on with this process of dying flowers they must not have started to wilt or else they are most likely to lead to disastrous results at the very end.  In case, you already have flowers that are being blown out, it is quite likely that they will all fall apart when you tend to dry them.

If you are looking to use dried flowers for your inner decor needs, you might as well consider to order dried flowers in bulk to save more money.

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