6 Dried Flowers & Plants to Modernize Your Interior Space

6 dried flowers & plants to modernize your interior space

Nowadays, dried flowers are taking over fresh blossoms by storm. Their growing preference is granting a heavy rise to other categories falling under the dry clan. Dried ferns, plants, branches, etc. are now opted individually for decors and installations because of their varied shapes and textures. Besides, let’s just agree that some of us are not ‘plant people’. We cannot settle on the idea of potted planted nesting in our houses for various reasons. First and the foremost issue being – attending them almost every day, watering them, avoiding long vacations, outgrowing fungus or molds from them, and so on. But having a natural feature in your house is always advisable. Dried flowers, ferns, greenery, and branches are probably the best option for them. They allow you to infuse a natural element in your house with an assortment of shapes and sizes to choose from. It is a very smart alternative in today’s time and no doubt why it has taken a dominant position in the work of natural decor.

Dried florals recite to us their subtlety and earthy warmness when used in any kind of home decor. Use them singularly or in abundance to create a unique vibe at your place. They are fuss-free to conserve, almost near to zero maintenance is needed for them and on top of all that, they are super inexpensive. You can save your bucks by not buying fresh flowers anymore unless you have a small garden of your own. Order  Dried flowers in bulk as they are super convenient to settle with as they last long for months and are more sustainable than fresh ones. If you give it a genuine thought, dried flowers are the best alternative for us. They are environmental friendly as well because they need no water to live. Just imagine the amount of water you’ll save from just one vase of dried florals that last for 2-3 months. Not forgetting the water consumed while producing new flowers in the fields.

Some may also state that dried flowers look deadly and shabby, or even not so appealing, well we would suggest you to talk to your florist and choose the right buy for you. Try your hands on dried floral arrangements and see for yourself how well they fit into any theme you wanna portray whether it’s minimalistic, vintage, chic, bohemian or modern classic. There are a few tips and tricks you can try to learn before incorporating them into your decor. Huge stems placed individually in a properly sized vase or using a curated mixture of singular spices assembled in a huge bowl – are the go-to trends followed nowadays. Another smart way of arranging your dried beauties is by assorting them in various color schemes while playing along with various textures. The possibilities are quite limitless as you can pair and establish an arrangement of your own. Very playful isn’t it? People even develop serious hobbies around it, no doubt about it.

There are various florals and ferns to turn onto, but we all have our own picks, right?

Listed ahead are a few of our favorites, so get ready to be swayed away! If you are minimalistic at heart, you’ll truly love these ideas and couldn’t resist this trend. Here you go –

Dried Tumbleweed

Tumbleweed is the new trending start of 2019. It has gained it’s well-deserved popularity because it is very chic. It can be an amazing addition to any minimalistic apartment or studio. You can proudly hang them or just simply lay them in a wide ceramic bowl and you are set to sway everyone. You can also hang them against the wall for a 3D rustic effect. The options you can try are nearly endless.

Dried Branches & Stems

What an intriguing idea to just arrange your shelves with spare branches. Sliced discs mounted on top of a metal holder, polished and cut with precision; flaunt themselves as a fascinating piece of art. They provide a sleek and modern touch to match your fancy. No matter which kind you choose, the organic shape and inside linings will always be unique from the other. Look out for references and inspirations to help guide you in the right way.

Dried Grasses

Your Instagram is probably flooded with dried grass arrangements if you follow the decor tag. Many of us contemplated on whether to use them or not because we were confused about the fluffy looking stick of dried fur. But now, they are probably the first picks that we go to. Dried pampas grass stood out to be the most trendiest plants one can play along in our house almost anytime. After them, the world has practically gone crazy in experimenting with different dried grasses. They appeal to us, both collectively or individually placed as our heart desires.

Dried Palm

If you want to opt for a super minimal cum Bohemian vibe carrying neutral tones, you’ll fall in love with the dried palm leaves. They look aesthetically magical with their widespread fan-like shape and texture. They are sure to stand out when placed anywhere because of their oversized look. Most of the home stylists agree that dried palms mean true to the phase – Simplicity personified!

Unexpected Mixture

One of the major enjoyable parts of decorating with dried flowers is that they can be styled in a million ways depending on their color, sizes, textures, shapes, etc. We agree that most of them look great just on their own, but when mixed together, the results are stunningly breathtaking and surprising. You can go for warm undertones for fall and Christmas, monochromatic tones for usual decor whereas a neutral mix for a subtle look and feel. Allow them to pose proudly in a china bowl or stunted vase.

Large Vines

It will be surprising to find out that you’ll be craving more for branches and stems rather for dried florals themselves. Naturally outgrown branches and curly vines take rustic beauty definitions out of the roof. Go big and all in when you select a vine for your house or backyard porch. Giant jungle vines are the talk of the town. Simply set them as a textured element to your smooth painted walls.

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