How to Go About Making a Centrepiece With Dried Flowers

Making a Centrepiece With Dried Flowers

While working with fresh blooms always gives you an upper hand while designing centrepieces, dried flower arrangements aren’t far behind. In fact, dried flowers do have quite a bit of advantages compared to fresh flowers. Firstly, they are more of a permanent thing and if taken care can last over years. When considering designing a floral centrepiece, dried flowers lack strong aroma which is not the case with fresh bloomers. If you are looking to create a centrepiece for your dining table, using dried flowers is all the way more beneficial as it doesn’t work to overpower the smell from the food, which if the case may be, spoils the fine essence of dining. With a little bit of planning and careful consideration, you can create a stunning and functional centrepiece from florist shop and craft store purchases. Or if you are a DIY type, you might as well go ahead and make your own dry flowers. Here’s a bit of help to get you started.

Things that you need:

  • A bowl or a dish
  • Dried flowers
  • Foliage (Dry)
  • Floral foam (Dry)
  • A craft knife
  • Tape or Glue
  1. Start by finding a container that suits your centrepiece requirement. Make sure it matches the ambiance ad the colour and pattern of your dinner serveware. Remember, your centrepiece bowl shouldn’t be too big or too small for that matter, if the serving table is way too long or big on the sides. As the name suggests, it should be right at the centre and never overwhelm the area. Any container that you choose, the recommended size should be anywhere between 18-24 inches which should work just fine as you work towards finishing the entire arrangement.
  2. Now, that you have got your centrepiece base ready to be decorated, it’s time to put together some dried flowers along with a little bit of foliage. Here, the choice of colour is of utmost importance and should match the decor of your dining area. Also, not to ignore the seasonal influence or the theme of the occasion, if there’s one. Accordingly, choose your dried flowers to match the colours and mood of the moment. After you made your choice of dried flowers, start putting them in place by cutting the stems in a way that they rest just a little about 6 inches. This imparts a uniform look to the whole setup. Alternately, you can also leave them just the way they are and continue to trim sporadically which makes way for a diverse arrangement.  Continue to cut pieces across the floral foam to ensure they fit in seamlessly within your container. The idea is to fill the receptacle completely. Build the foam in a way that it takes over the container edges by a measure of one and a half inches to just about two inches. Use glue or tape to stick the foam to the very bottom of the centrepiece container.
  3. Continue to push the stems of the dried flowers bunch that you would like to be at the centre of the attraction. It should be pushed towards the foam centre. Continue to wok n circular motions right around the same point as you keep pushing all the stems towards the foam. Now, angle each of the rows slightly a little more towards the outer end compared to
    the last one in order to give it a curved look. As you reach the last row doing so, push all the stems upward right across the sides of the centre foam and not at the top. This should force the flower heads to be pointed down facing the table. If you feel your centrepiece arrangement has achieved a far too much doom effect, arrange the base and edge all the pieces in a manner that the foam gets covered right around its perimeter. Now, give it a sporadic arrangement until you reach a design that you like.
  4. Lastly, look to fill all gaps using a little or moderate amount of dry foliage including them between the flowers which should enhance the entire look and feel of your centrepiece.

 Pro tips

  • Hideaway the foam to keep it from being seen with the help of a glass container. First, cover the insides using a fabric. You can use a white colour clear fabric or a patterned one as you desire.
  • Step back and multiple times as you work towards the finish. Remember, a floral centrepiece serves one basic need–To look beautiful from all sides and hence it demands to be appreciated and criticized in equal measure. So, it’s extremely important that you observe your work and them and take your next step accordingly to work your way towards a fantastic finish.
  • Avoid working with dry flowers that don’t have much of a stem. In case you get flowers that only have short stems, ensure to arrange the heads using a tray that’s shallow to achieve a minimalist and shorter decoration. If you are short on time, get yourself a small bunch of dried flowers and slide them rapidly in a vase matching your serveware. To give it a fuller effect, make use of multiple bouquets. Order dried flowers in bulk to save money.
  • Always keep candles or any other burning objects away from your centrepiece at all costs.

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