Creative fall decor ideas using dried flowers

Creative fall decor ideas using dried flowers

As the winter winds approach us and even though we’re a bit upset that the summer’s over; let’s agree that the fall season is secretly amusing us. Winters are all about cozy eggnogs, movie nights, back-to-school fun, some good quality family time and much more. Did we miss out the most important of it all? If you all have guessed it by now, kudos to you creative heads. It’s the fall decor. Every year we chart out possible themes and decor ideas to ornate our homes with. After all, isn’t it the most fun part of any festive season to get our creative hats on and get crafting?

Well, a lot of crazy ideas are in trend and we thought of going back to our basics and giving it a modern flare. With that in mind, what would turn out more spectacularly than dried florals? They are eclectic and bold. When used smartly, they take simplistic decor to the next level.

Flowers need no convincing! We all love them, no matter what the season, rhyme or reason. Fresh flowers are charmers on their own, no doubt. But there is something special and significant about dried flowers that take our heart away. On top of that, fall flowers are the easiest way to portray a seasonal theme. They are super affordable and can even be made at home prior to your decor planning. So save your precious bouquets carrying sentimental value and turn them into new blessings. Floral designers all over the globe are trying to play with dried flower decorations and installations, giving it their own spin. These experts have given away a lot of frolic ideas for fall decorations.

In this write-up, we will try to convey to you the most interesting, basic, affordable ideas using dried flowers. We will mostly focus on the table installations and decorative centrepieces that can be created using them. These bouquets and centrepiece ideas revolving around autumn flowers will definitely invite you to indulge in them.

Generally, a lot of common ideas are out for grabs and have gained instant popularity. Some of the trendy decor inspirations include –

#1 Rainbow Bouquets

Rainbow Bouquets

Just by its name, you must have guessed what they are all about. But instead of the original VIBGYOR compilation, stylists represent autumn shades in their installations. Therefore, the name! A variety of foliage is arranged on a skeleton of wires and placed as a centrepiece at Thanksgiving dinners. They pose moodier vibes and depict fall perfectly.

#2 Antlers and Branches

They are a perfect cheat DIY escape for lazy folks or for the ones who have got a very little time frame for decorations. All you have to do is place a vertical shawl or woven cloth across the length of the table and place a huge oversized dried antler on top of it. Make sure you clean the wood piece thoroughly beforehand. Then, place soft veins, climber tentacles, ferns, succulents arranged on top of it. You can also adjust tall scented candles in their midst to enhance its beauty.

#3 Colour-Blocked Floral Centrepieces

What a great idea to colour block by using flowers as the main element. It looks grand and beautifully obvious when placed on a dinner table. Do not be afraid to go for an asymmetrical height or arrangement.

#4 highlights the Shades of the Season

Red warm tones with caramel hues are so apt for a fall-themed decor. You can go bold and beautiful or opt for nude pale tones. Whatever suits you the best! Go seasonal and you can’t lose. Garner numerous compliments for your dinner table arrangement with this idea.

#5 Wildflowers

There is a strange sense of simplicity and rusticness to wildflowers that play along with the autumn theme to the point. All you need is a pastel vase to throw them in. People find them chic and appealing no matter where they are placed.

#6 Throw Some Citrus Accents

The ever dramatic roses when paired with citrus branches and foliage, cast a whimsical blend for a large tablescape. Surround them black candles to pump up their show.

#7 Try Making Monochrome Bundles

Yeah, we love variety when it comes to floral arrangements, but sometimes, a laidback classic style of gathering similar florals or similar toned florals into a bunch makes more sense and less complexity. Grab your favourite bunch and tie it with a jute string before placing them in transparent mason jars. Less is more and this idea defines it. This is another colour blocking technique that one can try their hands on.

The options are infinite here. Go ahead to meet your fancy and create a masterpiece out of these dried beauties. Play with tones, hues, textures and most importantly your intuitions. You can even compile a few ideas together, maybe that’ll work too! All in all celebrate the season’s greetings with happiness, optimism, and longevity. Who knows, your idea can become the next budding trend of this season. So set out and explore your crafty mind. Just remember to give them proper justice so they can endure their charm forever.

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