The use of Dried Flowers in interior designing-Designers Speak

The use of Dried Flowers in interior designing-Designers Speak

Dried flowers aren’t exactly the beloved type. Apart from being less colourful and vibrant, most of the time they fail to compete with fresh blooms that are always in demand all throughout the season. However, dried flowers are a great source of the deck up material if you are looking to add a touch of elegance and rare touch to your surroundings. It all depends on their shape and structure which changes all the way when they are dried. Owing to this transition, dried flowers turn towards becoming an object of unique beauty.

If you live in a summer influenced country, dried flowers are a great choice for deck up material as they demand less to almost no maintenance at all. Compared to fresh blooms they don’t require water or sunlight. These days dried flowers are the primary choice of raw material for designing inner living spaces and weddings and other occasions. Leading designing houses led by master artist David Stark in an exclusive interview said how they bank on dried flowers to a great level to bring about a touch of uniqueness to their clients’ living spaces. In his interview, Stark said that his designing team makes use of at least 20-30 different types of dried flowers and plants to impart a new look for one’s surroundings. Also, we got Shanan Campanaro who reflects on the use of dried flowers is a great source of inspiration for minute designing needs and something that can withstand any weather under any condition without requiring any supervision. Also, because of the fact that the majority of dried flowers come in muted colours which is generally never achieved with fresh floral that is always loud and vibrant no matter which colour they come in. John Derian, one of the most celebrated designers of New York reminisces his early days where he started to work with dried flowers and made several different stuff out of dried flowers only. He says that its dried flowers that made him start his journey as a designer – A dream that he still flows till date. Derian’s work is hugely recognized across New York which is mostly decoupage articles, often themed on flowers. The designer also made a point to cite Paris in the ‘80s when dried flowers were introduced into a mainstream element of designing and garnered huge fanfare owing to their long-lasting ability under any weather condition. In all probability, dried flowers are a trend and a necessary element of designing that has been in vogue and returned back to influence mainstream designing for good and is here to stay!
Another prominent name in the world of interior designing, Marie Flanigan shares an account of her love with dried flowers which she believes can grow wonderfully along with the aesthetics of living space. She believes that dried flowers carry a rustic, yet undeniable, uncanny charm to appeal to one and all. Moreover, they are a great way to bring forth organic and natural elements to your home without having costing you much and no unnecessary investment in year-long maintenance. It is because of this nuanced flow that dried flowers were readily adapted to fashion during Victorian ages as a token, a symbol of feelings and emotions which the society didn’t allow be hear or talked about loudly. Speaking on the same line was Martin Brudnizki, who did a fabulous job with designing dining rooms for Annabel’s. In his opinion, he is always looking to make the very best use of space to convey emotion and that dried flowers are a great element to help one do that readily.

While interior designers speak heavy on the use of dried flowers as a necessary item of inner space decor, fashion designers aren’t too far. Tanya Taylor, a well-known name in the fashion apparel industry says how dried flowers offer a whole new lease of life and takes the print across clothes to a whole new direction, compared to what it would have been based on fresh flowers. Taylor also added how she finds a dry Eucalyptus exceedingly charming and resorted to using the same across many of her designs in summer and Fall collection as well. Having said that, it wouldn’t be too unwise to say that flowers have always imparted a fresh new perspective to things across lives, While fresh blooms give instant joy fried flowers carry an everlasting vibe that is seldom found across any other object of decor.

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