11 Awesome Small Balcony Decor Ideas to Adopt

small balcony decoration ideas

Are you on the lookout for ideas to decorate a small balcony? Or maybe want to design a small garden terrace? You can be left spoilt for choice to find just how fabulous it looks with a host of cleverly hatched design ideas. Read on find out more.
A balcony, a terrace or a courtyard is always a bonus, no matter how small or big your house is. However, the real challenge is making it usable and decorative and practical in tandem. It all begins with you trying to fit in a set of functional furniture that turns the spot a perfect corner for conversations over a cup of tea or a couple of drinks, as one may wish. Let’s figure out how to go about decorating your balcony in the very best manner.

Establishing a visual link with the living room

No matter how your terrace garden or balcony leads straight off from your living or bedroom, it is necessary that you stylize the outdoors keeping up with the color scheme constant to ensure a visual link. One can start with a simple range of plants beginning on the insides of your room and ending on the terrace which will seamlessly blend the interior and exterior spaces seamlessly.

Choose Lightweight Furniture

lightweight durable furniture
While heavier furniture is usually the first choice and mostly preferred for terraces and balconies, easy to move lightweight chairs and tables are by comparison, a more practical choice. You can start from picking on a synthetic based rattan which basically calls for no heavy maintenance along with low level seat in light colors to make way for a larger feel of the space. It also allows for maximum light to reach the indoors.

Give Foldable Furniture a Try, Especially During Winter

modern foldable furniture
Although, winter is pretty short lived in India, compared to summer, it is still a wise choice to invest in foldable furniture for the colder months. Now, if your garden or courtyard comes with a half-shade or no shade at all, having foldable future actually helps to protect as you can shift them easily from one place to another, without any fear of damage.

Choose Plants to Accessorize

Hands down, plants are the most plausible solution when looking to accessorize your surroundings. Not only fresh blooms but also dried flowers are back in vogue to stylize your living spaces and beyond. All you need to invest in is a handful of colorful and stylized pots and some trailing plants.

Stackable Furniture

Stackable Chair
Summer times are always a great choice to host guests at your place. However, utilizing your terrace space for dining and mingling can be quite a bit of problem. Hence, stackable chairs are always a good option as they are easy to clear once the party is over and doesn’t involve much labor.

Hanging Planters for Colorful Accents

hanging flower pots with flowers
If you are looking to make the most of the space in your balcony and terrace, there will be a time when you will have to choose between your balcony furniture and your plant pots. Hence, hanging planters are a great idea to keep your plants in place and still make some room for your terrace furniture with ease. Also, hanging planters contribute towards adding colorful accents to the whole atmosphere.

Use Lights to Brighten up the Area

If you are looking to dine on the terrace, it is utmost necessary that that you choose to brighten up the area with lights. Choose to accessorize with festoon lights that will help create a jovial environs easily.

Rugs to the Rescue

Rugs are a great way to blend your terrace or balcony floor with indoor spaces. While you choose to do so, consider accessorising with a wide range of soft furnishings.

Consider Including a Storage Bench

Storage benches are a good option for balconies and terraces looking to stack up things and store small to medium range of items that include blankets, cushions or may be accessories for organizing a barbeque.

How about an Outdoor Sofa

Got a narrow terrace? You might want to make use of the space and install a comfy sofa rather than trying to fit in multiple chairs in one place. The inclusion of a sofa will contribute towards making the space less awkward and more inviting, courtesy the cushions placed on them.

Rocking Chairs Usher in a Relaxing Vibe

Who doesn’t love to lounge during early summer days? So why not utilize your balcony or terrace area for the same and install a great functioning garden chair for a little bit of “me-time”.

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