6 Clever Ways to Use Dried Flowers

How to decorate with dried flowers

Dried flowers are full of subtle textures and colors. Of course, that doesn’t mean fresh flowers are any less impressive. However, the vibrancy of fresh blooms disappears with a few days, and the inability to preserve them buries people in deep guilt.

Even though flowers provide immense joy, they come to an end. Fresh flowers wilt away, and the only way to hold on to the memories is by drying them. Dried flowers last longer and can be preserved for posterity. All you have to do is keep them away from strong winds and out of reach of children. You can either dry flowers yourself or get dried flowers. Whatever you do, here are ingenious ways to use dried flowers that’ll help improve their beauty and functionality.

  1. Make Dried Flower Candles 

DIY dried flower candles are easy to make, and you can use them to create a romantic dinner setting for your partner or guests. They even make for great gifts.

Things you will need for your DIY dried flower candles –

  • Wax
  • Dried flowers
  • Cotton candle wick
  • Container or glass jar
  • A pencil and a wooden skewer
  • Essential oils (optional)

First, melt the wax slowly to ensure it dries fast and doesn’t damage the dried flowers wholesale USA with its heat. Second, pour the melted wax onto the glass jar or container and ensure to already have the wick in place. Add the dried flowers to the melted wax. Stick some petals onto the side of the glass if you want the flowers to be in full display. There’s no need to worry about the distribution of the dried petals, as you can add more later.

If you want to create scented candles, you can pour a few drops of essential oils after the wax has cooled down for a few minutes.

Last, let the wax cool down and solidify. It may take up to 24-hours for the wax to properly solidify.

  1. Create Wreaths 

Creating DIY dried flower wreaths is a fun project and a great way to recycle dried flowers. The base can be bought from a local craft store, and you can get your creative juices flowing. The wreaths can be hung on doors, windows, or even as a piece of wall art. You can add twigs, ribbons, and other pieces of natural elements to create an organic, stunning decoration for the home.

If you are interested in making a wreath for your wedding, the color combinations must be chosen according to your wedding theme colors, wedding dress, and the season. You can even create a Christmas wreath to hang outside the door and ring in the festive season.

  1. Potpourri 

Dried flowers can be easily turned into potpourri. Dried flowers potpourri is a mixture of dried petals, spices, and essential oils in a container. The scent of potpourri spreads through a small room, and it is an awesome home decorating idea. You can even place pouches of potpourri inside your car so that your car always smells fresh and nice.

The potpourri mixture can be kept in sachets or mason jars. It can be placed on your dining table or inside your wardrobe. The scent lasts long, and it’ll make your home and clothes smell great. Furthermore, it can be used as part of aromatherapy to keep bad odor away and help you relax.

To create potpourri:

  • Remove the petals from the dried flowers and mix them in a bowl or jar.
  • Add essential oils, orris roots, spices, and other materials that you wish to mix in.
  • Cover the container and leave it undisturbed for a few weeks.It will help the scent to build up.
  • Open the container and let out the wonderful scent into your room.

The project is hassle-free, and you can mix dried flowers of your choice.

  1. Create Bath Bombs and Enhance Your Bathing Experience 

Dried flower bath bombs are a wonderful idea to make bathing more exciting. It offers a fresh feeling and is quite beneficial for the body. You can create bath bombs using an assortment of dried flowers like hydrangea, peony, and rose petals. You can also make bath bombs using only rose petals or lavender petals.

For this DIY project, you need baking soda, Epsom salt, citric acid, corn starch, coconut oil, soap coloring, water, essential oils of your choice, and dried flower petals. Also, it would help if you had a large bowl to mix all the ingredients, measuring spoons and cups, and round bath bomb molds.

First, mix baking soda, corn starch, Epsom salt, and citric acid in a bowl and whisk properly. There shouldn’t be any clumps. Add dried flower petals and add coconut oil, soap coloring, water, and essential oils. Mix all the ingredients well and pour the mixture into the bath bomb mold. Let the mold set and give it a day before you can use the bath bomb.

  1. Use as Drawer Cleaners 

Dried flowers can be used as drawer cleaners. You can place the flowers inside sachets and tuck them in your clothes dryer, drawers, under your pillow, and so on. You can even mix essential oils with the dried flowers and sew little aromatic sachets to your closets and drawers. It’ll make everything smell fresh.

  1. Home Decoration 

Dried flowers can be used in myriad ways to decorate your home. They can be pressed, framed, and hung as a piece of wall art in your bedroom, living room, or dining room. It can be placed in vases and can make your home look pretty for a long time. You can hang dried flower decorative balls as centerpieces in your living room. Bathrooms can also be spruced up using dried flowers. They can be used as accessories, and a few drops of essential oils can go a long way in making your bathroom always smell amazing.

Dried or fresh, nobody can deny the beauty of flowers. Learn the ideas mentioned above to give life to dried flowers.

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