Everything You Need To Know About Using Sola Wood Flowers in a Venue

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The charm of fresh flowers is undeniable. They can instantly brighten up a space and make everything appear fresh. However, fresh flowers don’t last. In a matter of days, the flowers begin to wilt and wither away. What once gave joy gives a feeling of guilt.

What’s the alternative, you ask? The trend today is using sola wood flowers. These artificial flowers are quickly becoming popular in home décor, weddings, and more. The sola wood flower arrangements range from simple vase arrangements for homes to intricate table arrangements for parties and even wedding bouquets. Furthermore, these flowers can be dyed to any color of your choice, and you can choose your design and style.

Whether there’s an upcoming celebration or you’re thinking of sprucing up your home’s interior, here’s everything you must know about sola wood flowers.

What are Sola Wood Flowers?

Sola wood flowers are a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to freshly cut flowers. They look like real flowers and are made from the renewable wood of a marshy plant. These flowers last a lifetime.

Advantages of Using Sola Wood Flowers 

Most people wonder why they should use sola wood flowers. The answer lies in the myriad benefits offered by these flowers.

  • Sola Wood Flowers Cost Less Than Real Flowers – Sola wood flowers are affordable, which is why many people have started using them in sundry events. When these flowers are bought in bulk, you can expect to get them at an even lower price. Regardless of how big or small your venue is, you can decorate it with sola wood flowers without burning a hole in your pocket.
  • The Flowers are Customizable and Easy To Create Decorations – The simplicity of creating bespoke decorations using sola wood flowers draws people toward it. The natural alternatives are fragile, and therefore, a lot of arrangements and decorations are not possible. The high resistance of wood flowers makes it perfect for DIY flower decorations and arrangements. If you make small mistakes during the creation process, it won’t impact the quality of the final product. Furthermore, it’ll save you a lot of effort, time and money. You can easily customize the decorations to suit the venue or your style.
  • Sola Wood Flowers are Reusable – The best reason why you must consider using sola wood flowers for your event is that they can be reused. You can use the decoration several times and even personalize it each time. The high usability ensures that you’re getting great returns on the money that you’ve spent. Unlike natural flowers, sola wood flowers can be used for several years. Of course, you must maintain the flowers and ensure that they are not damaged. If you keep them in good shape and take care of them, you can use them for several events throughout the year and beyond.
  • Wood Flowers Don’t Need Water and Sunlight – Maintaining wood flowers isn’t a monumental task. They neither require water nor sunlight. Ensure to keep them away from children’s reach and strong winds. If dust settles on the arrangements, clean them gently. The flowers must be kept in a dry, cool place and ensure that they don’t get wet. If you’ve dyed the flowers, don’t keep them under direct sunlight. The color may fade.

Where Can You Use Sola Wood Flowers?

Using sola wood flowers, you can breathe into life any occasion, event, or even your home. Wood flower arrangements are a popular interior design trend. You can consider swapping fresh flowers with these. These arrangements last longer, and you don’t need to bother throwing away withered flowers every three or four days. Some of the ways you can use sola wood flowers are mentioned below.

  • Wedding Bouquets – Wedding bouquets made of sola wood flowers are trending at an exponential rate. The bouquets made from fresh flowers are heavy, require constant watering, and the flower depends on the season. Such restraints are not faced by those using wood flower bouquets. These bouquets are lightweight and don’t need watering. They can be dyed to any color and customized to suit the bride’s wishes. Most importantly, sola wood flower bouquets for weddings cost less, and the bride can spend more on her wedding dress and catering or save for the honeymoon.
  • Flowers for the Table – Weddings, receptions, and even birthday parties make use of flowers. If you are hosting a seated arrangement, you can use sola wood flowers to decorate the tables. The type of event doesn’t matter as sola wood flowers can be used for all celebrations and occasions. You can even decorate tables for a romantic dinner.
  • Vase Decorations – Enhance the décor of your home by placing wood flowers in vases. They can be placed at the entrance, or you can decorate the venue by hanging flower vases. These gorgeous vase decorations can make your home or event appear stunning. You can get dried flowers wholesale if you need to place vase decorations on every table in your event.
  • Birthday Parties – Birthdays might be small celebrations, but they are equally important as weddings. If you’re throwing a birthday party for your loved one and want to make it memorable, use wood flowers or dried flowers. Decorate the tables, chairs, or the entire venue with these artificial flowers. Compared to fresh flowers, the cost is low for these artificial flowers.
  • Business or Official Events – Official or business events can be memorable and exciting by decorating the venue with flowers. However, if you have a tight budget, there’s no need to splurge on fresh flowers. You can make your business event a huge success by getting artificial flowers. Whether the event venue is the office space or you’ve hired a banquet hall, wood flowers can boost the overall appeal.

So, make use of wood flowers for your upcoming event and wow your guests. Maintain the flower arrangements properly to use them in more than one event.

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