Dried Flowers – the Surprising Floral Trend for 2019

2019 Trending Ideas for Dried Flowers

It is time to dust off the old-fashioned reputation and fall in love – all over again – with dried flowers. Yes, this is the trend that is rocking the floral world in 2019. Yes, this trend is thousands of years old.

If you were not already aware, drying or preserving flowers is a trend that actually existed approximately 4,000 years ago. The Egyptians made use of dried flowers to create fragrances. They also placed dried flowers on tombs, with each flower carefully selected for their symbolic meaning as a part of their religion. In the Middle Ages, dried flowers were used as medicine; and in Japan, wilted flowers formed the basis of beautiful art form. The Victorians used dried flowers to boost their appearance.

After thousands of years, this DIY movement of drying flower is seeing new light in 2019 and has gained immense popularity across the globe.

This is great news for customers purchasing fresh flowers as they can appreciate the flower arrangement for a longer time by making use of the wilted flowers in home décor and other applications.

So, take a look below to know where you can expect to see dried flowers in 2019.

Preserved greens and stems
Preserving larger greens and stems like, eucalyptus is a fabulous way to add to s vase. It can become the centerpiece in a living room or the focal point in a bathroom or kitchen.

Breathtaking dried bouquets or arrangements
This is being considered as the hottest wedding floral trend. Dried flowers in bulk are being used in both modern and vintage weddings, and people are simply falling in love with the variety of textures and sun-bleached hues. The bouquets and arrangements are either being made completely of dried flowers or a combination of both dried and fresh flowers. Dried lavender and seed pods are also a popular choice that is adding the ‘wow’ in wedding décor.

Dried flower arrangements are being incorporated in weddings in boutonnieres, bouquets, hanging flowers, backdrops and centerpieces. They’re simply adding a rustic, romantic charm to the overall decorations and paving the way for amazing wedding pictures!

Stunning wreaths
Wreaths made from dried flowers are ideally used indoors. This is because the flowers have to be stored in a dry place. Wreaths can be created by adding flowers that have a nice fragrance like, lavender and rose.

Pressed greens and flowers
If not floral arrangements, pressed greens and flowers can be preserved for a long time in show boxes or frames. For people who love the idea of making dried flowers a part of their décor, but there is no space, this is the ideal solution.

Also, it is not just shadow boxes and frames where you can keep pressed flowers. You can also add a modern twist on the trend by putting the pressed flowers inside clear phone cases. This is a trend that is quickly catching up with the millennials.

There are also other applications of dried flowers. People are recycling and reusing them as a part of their home or office decoration. Dried flowers can be used to create DIY cleaners, fragrances, bath salts, wrapping paper and so much more. You just have to put your creativity to test and make the best use of this floral trend.

The different types of flower preservation

Silica gel drying
Have you ever wondered what those small packets that come with in shoe boxes are? That is a small amount of silica gel. It is a substance that helps in removing moisture in the box so that shoes’ foam and leather stays crisp and in good condition. It is usually white, but sometimes contain blue crystals that indicates the amount of moisture that it has absorbed.

Silica gel helps to quickly dry flowers. So, you can use silica gel to dry flowers and for that, you need to spread the gel on a pan and the thickness of the gel’s layer should be ½ to ¾ inch. Then, place the flowers on top and put in the oven to bake. Once the crystals show that the moisture has been removed, you need to place the flowers in airtight containers.

There is also an easier method of getting dried flowers, which is buying dried flower petals in bulk.

Hanging and drying
Hanging and drying is one of the oldest methods of preserving flowers. It is also the simplest. You just have to remove the leaves, tie them in bundles and hang them upside-down. It should be hung in a well-ventilated space and out of direct sunlight.

Make sure that each bundle contains one type of flower. The larger bloomed flowers need to be individually dried, along with its stem. As stems tend to shrink, you might have to re-tie them during the drying process.

The process of drying takes anywhere between one week and several weeks, depending on the humidity and type of flower.

The floral preservation method of pressed flowers began in the Victorian era. Pressing flowers involves the use of varied presses, depending on the type of flower. Then, the art is framed in a flat frame and hung on the wall.

Other popular methods
Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are also other methods of preserving flowers, such as freeze drying. However, when choosing a method, it is recommended that you go for the most cost-effective one. Also, there is the viable option of contacting wholesale suppliers of dried flowers and getting it in bulk for your use.

So, needless to say, dried flowers is making a lot of noise in 2019 and it is the biggest and hottest floral trend. You cannot run away from it. Embrace this trend. It can be a part of your floral business or get it in bulk for your D-day. You will find reputed wholesalers dealing in the supply of dried flowers so that you do not have to go through the trouble of drying and preserving flowers.

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