6 Ways to Spruce up Home Décor Using Dried Flowers

Dried Flower Arrangement Ideas for Home Décor

Re-decorating is a fantastic way to spruce up and make your home more alive. Of course, changing the position of the existing furniture or adding more accessories can transform the décor, but that’s not an option if you are on a tight budget.

Don’t lose hope.
We, at Global Dried Flowers, have the perfect décor solution for you – the floral touch. But, no, we are not talking about fresh flowers as it is not feasible to get fresh flowers every week. It’s not just about the money, but also about having to water and look after them.

We are talking about decorating your home with dried or wilted flowers. You can get dried flowers in wholesale from us and then, consider the following ways to up the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Apothecary jars
A delightful and unique way to showcase your favorite wilted flowers is by dropping them into different sized apothecary jars. It might take a bit of time to get the flowers to sit the way you want and you may even struggle to get them out of the jars (though it’s best that you never take them out!), but once you get them right, they will look stunning. You can even tie white, pink or brown ribbon around the jars for that romantic touch.

Place these jars on the fireplace mantel, bookshelves or on the coffee table and let everyone who visits your home turn green with envy!

This type of portable, miniature arrangement can even be a really fun gift idea.

Beautiful wreaths
Wreaths are the popular flower arrangement for the holiday season. They’re classic and as you know, trends of the past are in vogue today.

Originally, wreaths used to be worn around the head like a tiara. But, you can make use of wreaths to decorate your home. We can provide you with dried roses, lavender or grasses in bulk. You can make beautiful wreaths out of them and use it to highlight showpieces in your home. For instance, if you have a collection of cut glass artefact and want to draw everyone’s attention towards it, you can place the wreath made of dried flowers around it. It will look like a halo!

You can also put the wreath by the door or hang them on the knobs of kitchen cabinets or by the fireplace.

Prettify frames
Tired of seeing the same-old wooden or metal frames for mirrors and photographs? You can make them look exclusive and one-of-a-kind by sticking dry flowers on them. We have dried roses wholesale that you can get to decorate the frames or you can also get rose buds or lavender in bulk. If you want to decorate with petals, we even have dried flower petals that we can deliver in bulk to you.

You make distinct designs with flower petals or rose buds and stick them on the frame. This will not only lend a floral touch to your home décor, but give character to your photographs. And whoever walks into your house will be tempted to copy the style!

Use dried flowers to accessorize your bathroom
Bathroom is probably the most important room of any house. This is where you can be alone with your thoughts. This is one place in the house where you can enjoy complete privacy. And if you are interested in taking long, sensual baths, dried flowers are just the accessory for your bathroom.

A wonderful idea would be to make stunning dried flower arrangements around the wash basin and sides of your bathtub. Your bathroom will look amazing and you can spice things up by sprinkling your favorite perfume on the dry flowers. So, when you enter your bathroom, you will be greeted with beautiful flowers and a smell to-die-for!

Bath-time will officially become everyone’s favorite time in your home!

Bowls and bouquets
This is probably the easiest and simplest way of using dried flowers for home décor. We have a wide range of ready-made flower arrangements and bouquets that you can use. Put the bouquets in decorative vases and place them in strategic places that will attract the attention of your guests. You can place a vase in the middle of the dining table, near the window sill or in the living room. A little flower touch will immediately add vibrancy to the overall décor of the room.

If vase is not your thing, you can get bowls of different sizes and shapes, and simply strewn the dried flowers inside it. Carelessly scatter them and let them be the centerpiece of your drawing room or dining area. For a little magical touch, you can place candles in the bowl and scatter the dried flowers around it. However, for this decoration, you will need dried petals or rose buds, and luckily, we have got you covered.

Hang them from the ceiling
What do you see when you look up? Just a plain, boring ceiling? Shake things up by getting temporary metal bars or hooks and hang dried flowers from them. You can use strings to tie together different colored dried flowers together, along with grasses so that the bunch of flowers look artistic. You can simply hang them on the ceiling or add fairy lights to it as well.

You can even hang dried flowers from your windowsill or windows. And to make things easier, we can deliver dried flowers in bulk to your doorstep.

We all know that home is where the heart is. So, you would want the décor of your home to be aesthetically pleasing, as well as, cozy and comfortable. You should want to come back home and that is possible by decorating your home with gorgeous dried flowers. After all, dried flowers are the hottest floral trend of this year and they are heavily featuring in wedding décor and interior design. Capitalize on this trend to turn your home into something that looks straight out of a magazine cover.

If you need to place order for dried flowers, get in touch with Global Dried Flowers.

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