The use of Dried Flowers in interior designing-Designers Speak

Dried flowers aren’t exactly the beloved type. Apart from being less colourful and vibrant, most of the time they fail to compete with fresh blooms that are always in demand all throughout the season. However, dried flowers are a great source of the deck up material if you are looking to add a touch of elegance and rare touch to your surroundings. It all depends on their shape and structure which changes all the way when they are dried. Owing to this transition, dried flowers turn towards becoming an object of unique beauty.

If you live in a summer influenced country, dried flowers are a great choice for deck up material as they demand less to almost no maintenance at all. Compared to fresh blooms they don’t require water or sunlight. These days dried flowers are the primary choice of raw material for designing inner living spaces and weddings and other occasions. Leading designing houses led by master artist David Stark in an exclusive interview said how they bank on dried flowers to a great level to bring about a touch of uniqueness to their clients’ living spaces. In his interview, Stark said that his designing team makes use of at least 20-30 different types of dried flowers and plants to impart a new look for one’s surroundings. Also, we got Shanan Campanaro who reflects on the use of dried flowers is a great source of inspiration for minute designing needs and something that can withstand any weather under any condition without requiring any supervision. Also, because of the fact that the majority of dried flowers come in muted colours which is generally never achieved with fresh floral that is always loud and vibrant no matter which colour they come in. John Derian, one of the most celebrated designers of New York reminisces his early days where he started to work with dried flowers and made several different stuff out of dried flowers only. He says that its dried flowers that made him start his journey as a designer – A dream that he still flows till date. Derian’s work is hugely recognized across New York which is mostly decoupage articles, often themed on flowers. The designer also made a point to cite Paris in the ‘80s when dried flowers were introduced into a mainstream element of designing and garnered huge fanfare owing to their long-lasting ability under any weather condition. In all probability, dried flowers are a trend and a necessary element of designing that has been in vogue and returned back to influence mainstream designing for good and is here to stay!
Another prominent name in the world of interior designing, Marie Flanigan shares an account of her love with dried flowers which she believes can grow wonderfully along with the aesthetics of living space. She believes that dried flowers carry a rustic, yet undeniable, uncanny charm to appeal to one and all. Moreover, they are a great way to bring forth organic and natural elements to your home without having costing you much and no unnecessary investment in year-long maintenance. It is because of this nuanced flow that dried flowers were readily adapted to fashion during Victorian ages as a token, a symbol of feelings and emotions which the society didn’t allow be hear or talked about loudly. Speaking on the same line was Martin Brudnizki, who did a fabulous job with designing dining rooms for Annabel’s. In his opinion, he is always looking to make the very best use of space to convey emotion and that dried flowers are a great element to help one do that readily.

While interior designers speak heavy on the use of dried flowers as a necessary item of inner space decor, fashion designers aren’t too far. Tanya Taylor, a well-known name in the fashion apparel industry says how dried flowers offer a whole new lease of life and takes the print across clothes to a whole new direction, compared to what it would have been based on fresh flowers. Taylor also added how she finds a dry Eucalyptus exceedingly charming and resorted to using the same across many of her designs in summer and Fall collection as well. Having said that, it wouldn’t be too unwise to say that flowers have always imparted a fresh new perspective to things across lives, While fresh blooms give instant joy fried flowers carry an everlasting vibe that is seldom found across any other object of decor.

Dry Flower Arrangement- A cherishing art form that holds its appeal till date

Back in the 17th century, America and England witnessed a flourishing craft of working with dried flowers and dried leaves. It all began as a hobby for most people practicing the art but soon became a passion for quite a few and later took the form of business. In the recent past, dried flower arrangement has managed to appeal to the mass where people prefer to keep them as an object of decor in their living rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. Potpourri is a popular choice of dried flower arrangement that makes one’s living space filled with fragrance that comes from using natural items. As such, the popularity of dried flowers is often compared to fresh bloomers across a list of advantages:

  • Dried flowers are independent of seasons and promise to last indefinitely.
  • Owing to their flexibility, they can be easily moulded to any shape or size, helping a craft form to prosper.
  • They make exceptional decor items for any event that lasts for more than a day.

Some of the most widely collected materials for dry flower arrangement can be marked across three distinct categories:

  • Cultivated flowers to the likes of seed pods, grains, and vines.
  • Flowers readily available in nature like weeds, ferns, leaves, ferns, and grasses.
  • Fruits, cones, berries, and leaves of evergreen trees.


How to preserve flowers for dry flower arrangement

How to preserve flowers for dry flower arrangement

There are quite a few methods of preserving flowers for a dry flower arrangement that include the following:

Upside Hanging –There are certain flowers and their kind that are dried the best by hanging them upside down. Notably, it’s one of the most preferred methods of drying flowers as it tends to keep them in shape and refrain from falling apart when they are completely dry. Ensure that no single flower should touch the other one beside it as it generally hangs from a long single thread line.

Using sandbox– Sandboxes are another way to dry flowers. In order to use the sandbox method; the flowers should be cut off clean from all its foliage and kept buried in a sandbox upside down. In two weeks or so, the same needs to be poured down carefully and the flowers are to be taken out and wipe the remaining sand particles with a soft brush. This should get them ready to be used for arrangement. One can also replace sand with borax, and the box where the flowers are being kept needs to be lined up with silica gel and alum.

Using glycerin– If you are looking to dry flowers along with foliage, this method is undoubtedly the best find. They need to be placed inside a jar that should contain a mix of glycerin and water. Leave them as it is until it gets fully absorbed. Typically, it takes a total of two weeks to get it dried, and once you preserve the flowers well, it may last up to a total of ten years under living room temperature.

The pressing technique– If you’re looking to dry flowers fast and easy, you might consider the pressing technique. Using multiple layers of newspapers enough to achieve a good thickness level the flowers are kept between them while a heavy object is placed right on top of them. It takes a total of three weeks to fry them completely.


Designing with dried flowers

Designing with dried flowers

When it comes to designing with dried flowers, the same principle as fresh bloomers gets applied to them as well. While the majority of fresh flowers look classy, that might not be the case while working with dried flowers. However, that is precisely what makes dry flowers a unique object of beauty. Before you zero on in particular design for dried flower arrangement, the focus should be on moderate usage of forms with leaves, seedpods, and buds. The most preferred patterns include Triangles, S –shapes, Ovals, and Pyramids. For instance, while designing a centrepiece, it is utmost vital that you keep the big flowers in the centre, highlighting the keynote of the arrangement. One also needs to choose carefully as to which flowers would make an excellent focal point to allure eyeballs from all around.

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Dried Flowers- A Decor trend that’s going viral at the weddings!

Dried flowers are like preserved gems. They represent an eclectic vibe and are prominently used beyond just home decor. They are taking over not only the conventional fresh flower installations but also the faux flowers used in play. Strangely enough, they present us with a whole new dynamic theme. Dried floral are in huge demand currently as couples are bravely opting them beside fresh blooms on their D-Day. People are embracing the soft subtle hues of the dries blossoms in their charred brown, crisp nude and earthy colour tones. They offer a variety of textures to choose from. One can get creative by incorporating different unusual blooms, wild grass, and other botanical ferns to make a stand-out decor item. Dried blossoms and native ferns suit both traditional, vintage and modern slash contemporary weddings. A very prominent concern one might have about trying dried flowers is regarding their fragrance, but they do carry a sweet residual scent to them. There are also various organic spray fragrances or mists that florist sprinkles over the arrangements for a layer of fragrance. There are unlimited options in terms of creating masterpieces or installations from dried flower arrangements; from simple bouquets to backdrops and from garlands to boutonnieres.

#1 Bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids

Bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids

To live up to the vibe of a classical wedding, the bride and bridesmaid can be handed dried flower bouquets. These bouquets can be arranged with some fresh white blossoms for a nice touch and tied with jute or satin ribbon to finish off the charm. Here’s a list of flowers that you can choose to add to the bouquet:

  • Flowers – Roses, Baby’s breath, Lavender, Chamomile, Rice Flower, Carnations, etc.
  • Branches of the Money plant, Pussy willow
  • Palm Leaves, eucalyptus, chrysanthemum leaves, etc.


#2 Overhead Arrangement for the dining table

Curly ferns, thin twigs, long wild grass along with some dried flowers can turn into a great overhead table arrangement for the wedding diners. With this natural dome on top of you, who needs those shiny chandeliers?


#3 A flower tiara

A flower tiara

Pretty dried flowers can be coupled with tiny blooms and made into a beautiful looking floral tiara for the bride. It’s is a hot trend where brides are getting their custom made tiara to match their wedding day attire.

#4 Flower garlands on the walls and above tables

Another efficient way to collaborate with dried flowers is making garlands for wall decorations. These garlands liven up the blank walls and give them some texture with a 3D effect. They can also be used to accentuate long dining tables if hung in length; parallel to the ceiling.

#5 Decor Centrepieces and table runners

Decor Centrepieces and table runners

If not above, then below! If overhead arrangements sound too much of a daunting task for you, simply transform your dried flowers into table runners to steal the show. For round tables, simple ceramic vases with a flower arrangement will do the job!

#6 Dried Flower Arch and Backdrop

Dried Flower Arch and Backdrop

Spectacular ceremony arches can be made using different sized, shaped and textured botanicals. They are unique to look at and are just the perfect accessory for capturing excellent photos. With proper lighting, this backdrop will look even better than a professional studio set up.

Well, we hope these ideas might encourage you to opt for dry blossoms. If not, here are a few pros to convince you further.

  • They are very easy to maintain. They do not need water or much care.
  • Easy to prepare in advance and need close to no efforts. You have to keep them by themselves to dry out completely in a cool and dry place.
  • Very cheap as compared to fresh flowers. Fresh flowers cost you a bulkier amount and are only available in specific seasons.
  • Suits any theme – Boho, Vintage, Modern, Classic, Minimalistic, Fancy, etc. It is surprising how well dry floral decor synchronizes with all wedding themes.
  • It is an eco-friendly way of decoration.
  • You can preserve and keep these flowers as a sentimental value even after your wedding. This way you can cherish your wedding day a bit longer.
  • Such decor causes close to no wastage. So, you are actually resourceful here.

What more do you want? Dried florals are changing the floral quotient that’s part of one and all weddings. Experience a new look and feel amongst the muted tones, endless variety of textures and a timeless classic look.

Mini DIY Decor Projects using Dried Flowers

‘Soothing sight and honeyed scent!’ all that it takes to make you feel fresh and happy. Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about flowers and how you can use this beautiful creation in your home décor by overcoming its only downside – its short life span. Hence, here, Dried Flowers come to our rescue. They can be super handy for home decor, and one can get extremely creative whole using them.

Fresh flowers steal the show, but dried preserved flowers are no less. You can create vintage, funky, decent as well as trendsetting DIY home décor by using some economically favorable ways. Here we are to fuel your artistic mind with these innovative ways of using your favorite floral arrangements all year long. So let’s get started with some happening DIY Home Décor styles you can create by reusing your choicest blossoms.

A Dried Floral Garland

A Dried Floral Garland

Materials you need –

  • Dried flower heads, buds, and pods
  • Hand sewing needle
  • Scissors
  • White polyester tread

Gather all the material and dried flowers depending upon the length of the garland you want to create. Cut the thread according to the size and little extra for hanging and tying.

Begin stringing dried elements according to the colors and designs you like beside each other until you reach the middle of the length of thread. Rethread the needle on the other end and start stringing again to avoid pulling so much thread through each dried piece. Complete stringing and tie a knot at each end; double or triple the knot to eliminate slipping off. Now you can hang this garland on the wall upside your bed or directly beside your doors frames for that fragrance to linger whenever you walk inside a room.



Materials need –

  • Dried flowers (Preferably with long sticks)
  • Wooden basket
  • Vase
  • Scissors

Arrange the bunch of dried flowers in baskets or vases and use these as table runners or centerpieces. For thematic and designer look, create more than three designs with the same flowers and colors. Spray any scent on the bouquet and have your room filled with a fragrance you love. Allow yourself to get artistic with the arrangements.



Materials you need –

  • Dried flowers, herbs, greenery
  • Foam or straw floral ring
  • Wire or U shaped florist pins

Create a base of any shape (Circle, Heart, etc.) using foam or branches and arrange the dried elements on the bottom, applying your preferred arrangement. You must be careful at the time of making as well as hanging them as these wreaths are delicate pieces. Hang them at the place where they can’t be damaged by wind or rain. Similarly, like bouquets, you can spray these with any fragrance mist to welcome your guest with lovely sight and sweet aroma. Imagine how welcoming it would be for your guests to witness this fantastic masterpiece made by you while they visit!



Materials you need –

  • Your choice of pressed blossoms
  • A clear glass photo frame
  • Transparent glue

Firstly, open up the photo frame and remove the back cover. Now, carefully arrange your pressed dried flowers over the glass pane with the transparent glue to help them settle in one place. You can apply the glue with a brush for a thin coat. Once your flowers are in place, attach the back cover and close the frame tightly. There you go, your custom made DIY photo frame is ready to ornate your walls.

This is how easy it is to make your home look chic and charming! Isn’t it? Additional, what a great way to reuse and recycle blooms to carry ahead their essence.

Such simple and useful ideas lighten up your home space without spending a dime. Gather your kids and family and get crafting. A little family bonding time along with personalized art pieces to decorate your home – is indeed a great idea, of course. Create your brag-worthy arts for your guests to swoon over. These will give your house inexpensive yet unique outlooks as well as gleaning yourself a pat on the back from visitors for your artistic skills.

Amazing DIY Home Décor Ideas

If you want to skip expenses for your home décor items then you must know some of the interesting hacks for decorating your interior. Nowadays, people are taking part in DIY activities rather than buying ready-made items from the market. DIY hacks involve both your interests and actions. In fact, if you adore items by yourself, things tend to last for long. Anyway, you are always free to take expert advice for a better result. However, let’s go through some of the worth-mentioning DIY tips that can bring notable changes to the interior of your property.


Remarkable home decor DIY hacks to consider

Old Vase

  • Old Vase hack: Do you have any old flower vase that is no longer in use? If yes, then you can change its look completely with a jute rope. All you need to gather quality glue, and a jute rope. Wrap the jute rope around the vase using the glue in a specific pattern. Similar patterns are always eye-soothing. Hence it will give a beach cum seashore theme to the vase. In the end, you can keep colorful flowers in the vase and enjoy the beauty.

Old cabinet door

  • Old cabinet door: Are you tired of your boring old cabinet door and want to get rid of it? Then you must experiment with this hack. First, detach the door from the cabinet and fill the screw-holes with wood filler. Clear unnecessary attachments if any. After that, paint it with any vibrant colour that revives the door. All in all, you can design unique handles or make holes on both sides to hold the tray. Life seems easy when you apply such an interesting hack to your daily used items.

Old ladder

  • Old ladder: If you have an unused ladder then you can use it in various ways. It can be transformed into a towel rack or for hanging flower pots. However, if you are unaware of the tactics of growing plants on a hanging basket then you can get it from any local florist at a reasonable price. On the other hand, before you use the old ladder as a rack, do consider its material for sure. If it is metal then you must not use it for any wet place. For instance, you should never place it in your bathroom. As this can grow rust on to it. If it is a wooden ladder, then you can paint it with your favourite colour as per your choice. Apart from this you can also use your A-shaped ladder as a shelf and put items on its every step.


Refurbish your old cabinet

  • Refurbish your old cabinet: Before throwing your old drawer cabinet out, think wisely if you can apply any hack and make it usable again. You will get different types of striking wallpapers in the market. In fact, these adhesive wallpapers are available in the online stores as well. If you apply these items on your boring cabinet surface, it will change the look completely. Moreover, you don’t have to apply glue as these wallpapers have a sticky background.


Use your unused books

  • Use your unused books: If you have some unused books that you will never read, instead of throwing them into the dustbin apply this hack and enjoy the best out of it. Just put the books altogether and place them at one side of your couch. For the last finishing put a wooden cover so that it looks exactly like a side table. Discarding unused things is always easy but the idea of using them in another way is hard to generate. For this reason, be smart and apply this hack to your old books.


  • Pegboard: If you are worried about installing screws on your new wall then just relax. You can easily design shelves with a pegboard. In fact, if you use pegboard for making shelves on the wall you will need no additional space or extra installation. For this reason, be smart and accept these DIY hacks for your household works.

Grass basket

  • Grass basket: You can use a grass basket as a shelf in your washroom. This offers you additional space for keeping a towel and other related accessories. Moreover, if you want you can set a small pot of plant on the pot. This will surely keep the bathroom-air fresh.

Transfer lettering


  • Transfer lettering: This is another jaw-dropping DIY hack to use for your daily life. Do you use white stickers to label your spice? Then this trick will definitely amaze you. With a dry transfer lettering, you can easily print directly onto the containers. Therefore, save both your time and money and experience a smoother life.

To conclude, it is always better to apply the DIY techniques to avoid unnecessary expenses. Home decoration always involves creativity and interesting applications. Therefore, if you want to impress your guests apply the above-mentioned tricks as soon as possible.

Differences Laid Out : Dried Flowers and Preserved Flowers

Blossoms are definite mood changers. Flowers can lift up a dull day, brighten up a Monday morning and when offered to someone, they make others feel very special. With that being said, flowers have such mesmerizing beauty, it’s a shame that they can’t last long. Naturally speaking, their life span is shorter and they need constant maintenance. However, humans have found out ways to prolong their essence by extending their life cycle. Yes, you heard me right!

Want to restore flowers for sentimental reasons?

Preserving-Sentimental Reasons

Two of the prominent techniques used for doing so are Drying and Preserving. These may sound similar to you but they definitely are not! Both of these methods have proven to help prolong the lifespan of flowers, allowing people to keep their memories associated with them a bit longer. By doing so, the beauty still remains intact!

This topic gets more interesting going further. So let’s take a note of what exactly are these techniques, what are the significant differences between both of them and which one’s better than the other!

Dried Flowers

Dried Flowers

Drying is one of the easiest ways to retain blooms for an extended period. Here, you rehydrate them, sucking out all their natural moisture. They slightly shrink in size and their natural color fades a bit, but they still look beautiful in that form. Dried flowers turn vintage looking and are highly reused for decoration purposes. They are put in vases, used as a table runner or as a centerpiece. Dried flowers and ferns are largely utilized in potpourri in a residential setting.

Preserved Flowers

Preserved Flowers

Preservation techniques start by harvesting fresh flowers and injecting them with an organic mixture. This replaces the sap present in them, allowing them to maintain their natural texture for a satisfyingly longer period. By doing so, the flowers still have their flexibility. It is seemingly impossible for the human eye to distinguish preserved flowers from the real ones. They can be cut and arranged exactly in the same way as you would lay out fresh ones.

The major differentiating points between dried and preserved flowers are as follows –

Look and feel

Look and feel

The drying process takes away the appealing beauty of the flowers, damaging their natural appearance. Although, the colour and mounting process slightly enhance it. It definitely looks a lot different than real flowers, the texture is different and flowers turn more delicate to touch. They can crumble and fall off more easily as they turn brittle in the state. The stems become weak and the applied color dye fades off if exposed to sunlight. Drying flowers might extend its lifespan but in turn, it takes away the aesthetic pleasure it once provided.

On the other hand, preserved flowers retain their original value and aesthetics. This method allows the flora to maintain its natural appearance, texture and soft natural touch. Preserved Flowers do not wilt like real fresh flowers; instead, they appear healthy and firm. The color remains the same for a longer period and they continue providing the same aesthetic value they once possessed.

Life Cycle

Life Cycle

Although dried flowers last a long time, they come with an expiration date. They don’t last forever. The maximum lifespan of dried flowers with a favourable climate is upto 1 year maximum.

And speaking of Preserved flowers, they carry no expiration date. Their appearance depends highly on weather conditions. Humid environment cut down the lifespan of preserved flowers. They generally have a life lasting upto 3 years. But if weather permits and if they are sealed in a casing, they can live for 10 years.



Preserved flowers are more costly than Dried Flowers, the reason being, they are chemically processed and only the highest quality of flowers are chosen. On an average rate, only 30 to 50% of the flowers meet the strict quality standards. They might sometimes sound expensive, but they are super economical in terms of a one time investment.

Dried flowers don’t carry such fancy and stringent considerations. They are cost effective, budget friendly and re-usable in terms of preservation. All one needs is a 3-4 week of clear patience. And that’s about it!



Unlike fresh flowers, there are no allergies associated with preserved flowers. Close to zero maintenance is asked by preserved flowers. They just sit there on your kitchen top or center table adding a sense of decor to it. Whereas with dried flowers, they need to be handled with care as they turn super delicate after drying out. The leaves and stems of the flowers get brittle

and therefore, one must be extra careful while arranging them.



If we talk about the overall process, the drying technique is simple and conventional whereas preservation technique is modern, complex and scientific concept.

With this, we have reached the end of our topic. I hope this article helped you by giving a clear idea about the differences in both types. Lastly, it’s a matter of personal preference.

Some adore the ‘rustic, vintage’ look dried flowers offer while others might be completely awed by preserved flowers. I say, have them your way!

6 Ways to Spruce up Home Décor Using Dried Flowers

Re-decorating is a fantastic way to spruce up and make your home more alive. Of course, changing the position of the existing furniture or adding more accessories can transform the décor, but that’s not an option if you are on a tight budget.

Don’t lose hope.
We, at Global Dried Flowers, have the perfect décor solution for you – the floral touch. But, no, we are not talking about fresh flowers as it is not feasible to get fresh flowers every week. It’s not just about the money, but also about having to water and look after them.

We are talking about decorating your home with dried or wilted flowers. You can get dried flowers in wholesale from us and then, consider the following ways to up the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Apothecary jars
A delightful and unique way to showcase your favorite wilted flowers is by dropping them into different sized apothecary jars. It might take a bit of time to get the flowers to sit the way you want and you may even struggle to get them out of the jars (though it’s best that you never take them out!), but once you get them right, they will look stunning. You can even tie white, pink or brown ribbon around the jars for that romantic touch.

Place these jars on the fireplace mantel, bookshelves or on the coffee table and let everyone who visits your home turn green with envy!

This type of portable, miniature arrangement can even be a really fun gift idea.

Beautiful wreaths
Wreaths are the popular flower arrangement for the holiday season. They’re classic and as you know, trends of the past are in vogue today.

Originally, wreaths used to be worn around the head like a tiara. But, you can make use of wreaths to decorate your home. We can provide you with dried roses, lavender or grasses in bulk. You can make beautiful wreaths out of them and use it to highlight showpieces in your home. For instance, if you have a collection of cut glass artefact and want to draw everyone’s attention towards it, you can place the wreath made of dried flowers around it. It will look like a halo!

You can also put the wreath by the door or hang them on the knobs of kitchen cabinets or by the fireplace.

Prettify frames
Tired of seeing the same-old wooden or metal frames for mirrors and photographs? You can make them look exclusive and one-of-a-kind by sticking dry flowers on them. We have dried roses wholesale that you can get to decorate the frames or you can also get rose buds or lavender in bulk. If you want to decorate with petals, we even have dried flower petals that we can deliver in bulk to you.

You make distinct designs with flower petals or rose buds and stick them on the frame. This will not only lend a floral touch to your home décor, but give character to your photographs. And whoever walks into your house will be tempted to copy the style!

Use dried flowers to accessorize your bathroom
Bathroom is probably the most important room of any house. This is where you can be alone with your thoughts. This is one place in the house where you can enjoy complete privacy. And if you are interested in taking long, sensual baths, dried flowers are just the accessory for your bathroom.

A wonderful idea would be to make stunning dried flower arrangements around the wash basin and sides of your bathtub. Your bathroom will look amazing and you can spice things up by sprinkling your favorite perfume on the dry flowers. So, when you enter your bathroom, you will be greeted with beautiful flowers and a smell to-die-for!

Bath-time will officially become everyone’s favorite time in your home!

Bowls and bouquets
This is probably the easiest and simplest way of using dried flowers for home décor. We have a wide range of ready-made flower arrangements and bouquets that you can use. Put the bouquets in decorative vases and place them in strategic places that will attract the attention of your guests. You can place a vase in the middle of the dining table, near the window sill or in the living room. A little flower touch will immediately add vibrancy to the overall décor of the room.

If vase is not your thing, you can get bowls of different sizes and shapes, and simply strewn the dried flowers inside it. Carelessly scatter them and let them be the centerpiece of your drawing room or dining area. For a little magical touch, you can place candles in the bowl and scatter the dried flowers around it. However, for this decoration, you will need dried petals or rose buds, and luckily, we have got you covered.

Hang them from the ceiling
What do you see when you look up? Just a plain, boring ceiling? Shake things up by getting temporary metal bars or hooks and hang dried flowers from them. You can use strings to tie together different colored dried flowers together, along with grasses so that the bunch of flowers look artistic. You can simply hang them on the ceiling or add fairy lights to it as well.

You can even hang dried flowers from your windowsill or windows. And to make things easier, we can deliver dried flowers in bulk to your doorstep.

We all know that home is where the heart is. So, you would want the décor of your home to be aesthetically pleasing, as well as, cozy and comfortable. You should want to come back home and that is possible by decorating your home with gorgeous dried flowers. After all, dried flowers are the hottest floral trend of this year and they are heavily featuring in wedding décor and interior design. Capitalize on this trend to turn your home into something that looks straight out of a magazine cover.

If you need to place order for dried flowers, get in touch with Global Dried Flowers.

Dried Flowers – the Surprising Floral Trend for 2019

It is time to dust off the old-fashioned reputation and fall in love – all over again – with dried flowers. Yes, this is the trend that is rocking the floral world in 2019. Yes, this trend is thousands of years old.

If you were not already aware, drying or preserving flowers is a trend that actually existed approximately 4,000 years ago. The Egyptians made use of dried flowers to create fragrances. They also placed dried flowers on tombs, with each flower carefully selected for their symbolic meaning as a part of their religion. In the Middle Ages, dried flowers were used as medicine; and in Japan, wilted flowers formed the basis of beautiful art form. The Victorians used dried flowers to boost their appearance.

After thousands of years, this DIY movement of drying flower is seeing new light in 2019 and has gained immense popularity across the globe.

This is great news for customers purchasing fresh flowers as they can appreciate the flower arrangement for a longer time by making use of the wilted flowers in home décor and other applications.

So, take a look below to know where you can expect to see dried flowers in 2019.

Preserved greens and stems
Preserving larger greens and stems like, eucalyptus is a fabulous way to add to s vase. It can become the centerpiece in a living room or the focal point in a bathroom or kitchen.

Breathtaking dried bouquets or arrangements
This is being considered as the hottest wedding floral trend. Dried flowers in bulk are being used in both modern and vintage weddings, and people are simply falling in love with the variety of textures and sun-bleached hues. The bouquets and arrangements are either being made completely of dried flowers or a combination of both dried and fresh flowers. Dried lavender and seed pods are also a popular choice that is adding the ‘wow’ in wedding décor.

Dried flower arrangements are being incorporated in weddings in boutonnieres, bouquets, hanging flowers, backdrops and centerpieces. They’re simply adding a rustic, romantic charm to the overall decorations and paving the way for amazing wedding pictures!

Stunning wreaths
Wreaths made from dried flowers are ideally used indoors. This is because the flowers have to be stored in a dry place. Wreaths can be created by adding flowers that have a nice fragrance like, lavender and rose.

Pressed greens and flowers
If not floral arrangements, pressed greens and flowers can be preserved for a long time in show boxes or frames. For people who love the idea of making dried flowers a part of their décor, but there is no space, this is the ideal solution.

Also, it is not just shadow boxes and frames where you can keep pressed flowers. You can also add a modern twist on the trend by putting the pressed flowers inside clear phone cases. This is a trend that is quickly catching up with the millennials.

There are also other applications of dried flowers. People are recycling and reusing them as a part of their home or office decoration. Dried flowers can be used to create DIY cleaners, fragrances, bath salts, wrapping paper and so much more. You just have to put your creativity to test and make the best use of this floral trend.

The different types of flower preservation

Silica gel drying
Have you ever wondered what those small packets that come with in shoe boxes are? That is a small amount of silica gel. It is a substance that helps in removing moisture in the box so that shoes’ foam and leather stays crisp and in good condition. It is usually white, but sometimes contain blue crystals that indicates the amount of moisture that it has absorbed.

Silica gel helps to quickly dry flowers. So, you can use silica gel to dry flowers and for that, you need to spread the gel on a pan and the thickness of the gel’s layer should be ½ to ¾ inch. Then, place the flowers on top and put in the oven to bake. Once the crystals show that the moisture has been removed, you need to place the flowers in airtight containers.

There is also an easier method of getting dried flowers, which is buying dried flower petals in bulk.

Hanging and drying
Hanging and drying is one of the oldest methods of preserving flowers. It is also the simplest. You just have to remove the leaves, tie them in bundles and hang them upside-down. It should be hung in a well-ventilated space and out of direct sunlight.

Make sure that each bundle contains one type of flower. The larger bloomed flowers need to be individually dried, along with its stem. As stems tend to shrink, you might have to re-tie them during the drying process.

The process of drying takes anywhere between one week and several weeks, depending on the humidity and type of flower.

The floral preservation method of pressed flowers began in the Victorian era. Pressing flowers involves the use of varied presses, depending on the type of flower. Then, the art is framed in a flat frame and hung on the wall.

Other popular methods
Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are also other methods of preserving flowers, such as freeze drying. However, when choosing a method, it is recommended that you go for the most cost-effective one. Also, there is the viable option of contacting wholesale suppliers of dried flowers and getting it in bulk for your use.

So, needless to say, dried flowers is making a lot of noise in 2019 and it is the biggest and hottest floral trend. You cannot run away from it. Embrace this trend. It can be a part of your floral business or get it in bulk for your D-day. You will find reputed wholesalers dealing in the supply of dried flowers so that you do not have to go through the trouble of drying and preserving flowers.

Spruce Up Your Space By Adding The Enduring Floral Arrangement Using Dried Flowers

Don’t you wish that you could preserve those beautiful flowers that you received from your partner or friends forever? Fortunately, you do not have to reminisce about past seasonal bouquets anymore because Global Dried Flowers is here to spread cheer through exceptional dried flower floral adornments. Based in Kolkata, we are one of the trusted dried flower suppliers and boast of a diversified clientele across the globe. We manufacture dried flowers and turn them into exotic pieces that can adorn homes or be a part of wedding décor. With dried flowers, floral arrangements can become timeless and you can continue enjoying the beauty of flowers even after they have wilted away.

Our dried flowers maintain their vibrant color and you can display them in a vase. There is no need to water them. You can also press the flowers and frame it on a wall or simply hang them the way they are.

Here are some great ideas to show off dried flowers.

Display them on a frame

You will find a wide variety of dried flowers in our collection and we are sure that you will find something that you like. You can get bouquets from us and display them as it is. Or you can get dried flower petals and press them in order to get it framed.

Our flowers are completely dried, and therefore, moisture is not something that you need to worry about. You can simply place the flowers on a paper and get it framed. The frame can be hung on the wall of your living room or given to people as gifts.

Vase display

Displaying dried flowers in a vase is the easiest and most effective way to add oomph to any abode. You can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your living/drawing room, kitchen or dining room, or any room in the house by placing dried flowers in a vase without water. We already have readymade bouquets that you can use. Just go through our collection of bouquets and place an order for the floral arrangement that you have.

Our dried flowers are not just suitable for homes, but they can be placed in offices to create a welcoming environment. Hence, it is not possible to always get fresh flowers for the office or find someone to diligently take care of fresh flowers or plants, displaying dried flowers in a vase is the ideal solution. Our dried flower bouquets and arrangements are also in high demand in weddings and such other celebratory occasions. They act as the ideal centerpiece and are able to instantly beauty and add charm to any environment.

Hang them on the wall

Another great way to show off artsy dried flower pieces is by hanging them from the wall. You can already get readymade pieces from Global Dried Flowers and all you have to do is find some strings and hang them upside-down on the wall. You can hang them on the knobs of kitchen cabinets, coat rack or unused pegboard. Also, if you have nails or hooks on the wall, just hang them from there. Even windowsills can be beautified by hanging dried walls.

Keep them strewn on a plate or bowl

For an eclectic, boho vibe, you can simply have the dried petals strewn on a plate or casually thrown in an ornamental bowl or basket. You can place this on your dining table, kitchen or living room and make it the focal point of the room. This will add a very calm, relaxed vibe to your overall ambience.

These are some of the ways that you can make use of dried flowers to boost the aesthetic appearance of a space. Our dried flowers can be the center of attention of any occasion or event. It can be used in conjunction with fresh flowers or on its own. If you wish to be creative and display dried flowers by implementing DIY floral arrangement methods, you can check out our dried flower petals in bulk. However, if you want readymade flower arrangements, we have a huge collection of dried flower bouquets and sheaf.

At Global Dried Flowers, all of our dried flower products are manufactured for 100% export. If you need any more information, do not hesitate to connect with us.