4 Ways to Go About Decorating Your First Apartment


Moving to your first apartment ever has its own set of thrills and excitement. The first couple of weeks usually involve setting your priorities right and getting the basics in the place that includes stocking your refrigerator, setting the coffeemaker, arranging clothes in the closet, and more. Moreover, the furniture is usually organized as per a functional basis, and sometimes you might have to scale down furniture a little bit or replace them for good, depending on the size of the apartment. Also, the placement becomes necessary, like the dresser that should go in the bedroom and couch to take up a prominent space in the living room and the bookshelf, of course, right against the wall. All this and eventually, one gets tired of shifting to a new apartment with all that arranging and decorating to make your first apartment give you the “homely” feeling. While it’s all the way tempting to plan out things and jump to experimental purchase and re-doings, a thoughtful mull over actually pays off! Here’s a rundown of 4 ways how one can go about decorating their first apartment. 

Find Your Liking


You might feel the urge to buy new furniture after you have moved into your first apartment. Hike, it’s always a welcoming decision, provided one has the cash for it; it’s probably an excellent choice to access what you have already and plan accordingly. It’s relatively easy. Just get online and search for design catalogs to help you settle upon a particular style and shade. Check as per your preference; if you like furniture that’s made of dark wood or metal or perhaps steel. The options are plenty. After you have decided on the material, it’s time to hit the right kind of style matching your taste and budget. Do you prefer furniture that is vintage or chic or maybe a little bit eclectic? The idea is to not just look at the furniture pieces but also take into account the way they have been used towards decorating the whole room. This should give a clear perspective and inspiration to decorate and place your furniture in the best manner possible.

Picking On Your Color


Colors define your way of living. Even if you are moving to a new apartment and there are restrictions on how your landlord restricting you to paint the walls, your furniture and accessories color still can offer a great deal of meaning to your living spaces. For instance, the color of your couch can work towards affecting your mood a long way. Your study table has a lot to do with your productivity level and should always portray a warm color. Besides, using prints and frames on the walls complete your surroundings and throw in a different vibe to the place you live.

Measure Before You Buy


Even before you set your foot inside your new apartment, it is required that you measure the space carefully. Now, when we say the measure, it doesn’t just refer to measuring the area of the floor, but also the area along the staircases, hallways, doorways, and everything else. This is required because these measurements act as a guide for one to buy furniture that would pass easily through the hall and into your bedroom or living room without any hassle. It also applies when you are planning to buy an expensive piece of furniture and would be really sad to return the same on delivery, finding that it’s a misfit or doesn’t pass through the corridor for the area you had bought. So, go by the adage, measure twice but buy once.

Be Patient When You Shop


If your budget allows for it, always try to complete your shopping in one trip. It saves traveling costs over multiple visits. However, if you are looking for a particular piece for decoration like, for instance, a dried flower arrangement or potpourri that you feel would complement the corner table in your living room; you will need to be patient till you find what your heart desires. It applies when you are looking to buy multiple decor items. A good way to do this is to wait and keep an eye for exclusive deals and sales offers. You can also check online for such deals and thrift stores as well to get the bag for your buck. Remember, decorating an apartment should always be taken a fun project and never a task. Only by being patient and taking your time to hunt down small decor items can you possibly design your apartment the way you have envisioned.

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