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Deco Sticks

Deco sticks add a charming and pleasing touch to your home decor. They come in a variety of forms that can be used in different rooms of the house. The products include Sola Chips Sunny Stick, Sola Berries, Sola Rajani Stick, Sola Skin Crape Cone, Rud Stick, Moti Stick, and the variants.
This makes them suitable for a wide range of situations like festivals and religious occasions.
Deco sticks also contain special exotic products like Shells On Stem, Coco Skin Zinnia, Coco Crape Ball, Beaded Ting. These increase their aesthetic appeal as well as product value. Their colorful and spiral forms appeal to a wide variety of senses making the room come alive.
The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that these deco sticks should go well with the color of your walls. It should also go with the type of furniture used on the room. This will increase its appeal and elegance.
Deco sticks can also be combined with fragrant items like scented candles and potpourris. This will help you mix the beauty of deco sticks with the aroma of the fragrant items. This will surely give your guests an exhilarating experience that they will never forget.
Deco sticks go extremely well with Christmas decorations owing to their ability to blend into their surroundings. You can use them along with candles near Christmas trees or even in the nativity scenes and see how it jazzes up the ambiance.
Another way in which you can use deco sticks is by keeping them on your study table or even your mantelpiece. This will help you give a welcoming note to your guests and even to the rest of your family members.
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50-01 Sola Chips Sunny Stick
50-05 Sola Berries
50-06 Sola Rajani Stick Skin
50-07 Sola Rajani Stick
50-10 Sola Skin Crape Cone
53-01 Rud Stick Special Bleach
53-01 Rud Stick Special Brown
Decoration of Moti Stick Long
53-08 Moti Stick Long
Photos of Shells on Stem
53-21 Shells on stem
Coco Skin Zinnia Decoration
54-03 Coco Skin Zinnia
Coco Crape Ball Decor
54-10 Coco Crape Ball
Images of Beaded Ting Cream Wood A
55-11 Beaded Ting Cream Wood ''A''
Beaded Ting Bleach with Brown Beads Images
55-16 Beaded Ting Bleach with Brown Beads