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Deco Flowers & Fruits

We always love to decorate our houses with fresh and beautiful flowers that brighten up the atmosphere. We also love to see our fruit baskets full with the freshest of produce that makes it look more cheery. Now wouldn’t it be nice if we could have eternal flowers and fruits that never wither or rot?
This will help you get the best of both worlds, earthly and heavenly.
This can be easily achieved with the help of deco flowers and fruits. Deco flowers and fruits, as the name suggests are decorative pieces that can spruce up the ambiance of your house. The best part of deco flowers and fruits is that they come in a wide variety of colors and types. From Betal Rose, Wood Petal Deco Rose, Jacaranda Flower, Palm Sunny, Jute Apple, Coir Pumpkin to Pana Pumpkin, deco flowers and fruits have it all.
As they come in a different variety of shapes and colors, they give an eclectic ambiance to your room. This truly makes your rooms come alive making guests sit up and take note. Another good thing about this product is that you can choose your deco flowers and fruits keeping the wall colors and the furniture designs in your mind.
You can also keep shifting them from room to room at regular intervals as they tend to blend in with the surroundings. This will make them more versatile and adjustable. You will generally not have any problems with this as they have natural shades and colors that can be adjusted to any kind of environment. Their exquisite colors and shapes make them similar to the natural things giving them a lot of difficulty in gauging the difference between them.
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57-01 Betal Rose
57-04 Wood Petal Deco Rose Bleach
57-04 Wood Petal Deco Rose Red
57-04 Wood Petal Deco Rose Yellow
57-08 Jacaranda Flower
57-09 Palm Sunny Bleach
57-09 Palm Sunny Orange
57-09 Palm Sunny Yellow
59-03 Jute Apple
59-05 Coir Pumpkin Natural (loose)
59-05 Coir Pumpkin natural
59-05 Coir Pumpkin Orange
59-05 Coir Pumpkin Light Orange
59-05 Coir Pumpkin Dark Orange
59-10 Pana Pumpkin Orange (loose)
59-10 Pana Pumpkin Orange